A Canadian-born Japanese, onomeister lives in Alberta, Canada. He longs to go and see Japan again.

This blog is about onomeister’s favourite topics that he would like to recommend and share to the world, things such as video games, movies, TV, sports, music, Japan & its culture, humour, photography, interesting videos, anime, inspirational quotes… Basically whatever fancies onomeister’s interests.  Oh, and news/previews/reviews/opinions related to these topics.

Photography, video games, movies, as well as things about Japan will be the main focus. I will also be sharing interesting photos, reviews, previews, news, gossip and interesting blogs from other websites.

To give you a sense of my tastes:

  • Photography: I’m just a casual fan. But I do own a Canon Rebel T1i and occasionally take the jewel in the crown photo, once in a while…
  • Video games: I enjoy casual gaming, action, adventure, RPG, arcade, retro/classic, sports.
  • Movie genres: action, sci-fi, western, martial arts, family, animation, any critically-acclaimed movies (this would open up many more types of genres, obviously)
  • Sports: I love Toronto Blue Jays MLB baseball and the Toronto Raptors NBA basketball. I also follow the Japan national soccer team.

Hope that your stay is enjoyable!

8 Responses to “About onomeister?”

  1. Christina Ono Says:

    when someone purchases a new laptop (a Toshiba) what do you suggest are the 2 or more downloads required to “set it up” or protect it; other than AVG free, what about malware?
    thanks for your input, insight, help!


    1. onomeister Says:

      – Before you download and install AVG Free for your antivirus software, make sure that you uninstalled the prepackaged antivirus app that came with the computer. Then get AVG free at: http://free.avg.com
      – Get an Anti-Spyware software such as Microsoft Security Essentials: http://www.microsoft.com/security/pc-security/mse.aspx


      1. Imurah Says:

        done, running fine and can use with confidence, thanks for sharing those extra need-to-knows…


  2. Imurah Says:

    Hi, could you please help with a deal-search: for someone who doesn’t have a landline phone:
    I’ve spent a couple sessions/hours trying to find decent rate-and-additional-charges for calls to Japan. (I’m living in Ontario, and the last time I checked my ‘monopoly’ carrier’s rate is $0.64/min, or $5/monthly+$0.10/min)
    Do you know of a legal international calling card company that is accessible via cellular; do you know anyone who uses their cell to call Japan?
    Please and thank you..


    1. onomeister Says:

      CAD$0.035/min to Japan landline
      CAD$0.19/min to Japan mobile phone

      Simply sign up an account (valid email address required) and purchase an initial prepaid credit. You can start with a $5 credit and get cool bonuses if you start out with a higher value account. Your account will be activated immediately and ready to use. This is as simple as pay-as-you-go, no surcharges, no fees, no expiry, pay per minute on your usage, just simple and worry free.

      As you never know about online credit card use (ie. fraud), I highly recommend creating a separate credit card just for this kind of use, and get a low credit limit put on it. Walmart Canada offers a free Mastercard! Good luck!


  3. Yo-Imoto Says:

    Happy Canada Day ‘Meister’ Ono!
    What website do you use or recommend for english to japanese, & vice versa translation?
    …while I’m asking, do you know one that provides kanji (english keyboard of course)
    Thanks in advance!


    1. onomeister Says:

      For Japanese speakers/users:
      –Japanese translation: http://www.csse.monash.edu.au/~jwb/cgi-bin/wwwjdic.cgi?1KE_2_10_5_white_black_

      For English speakers:

      Kanji lookup – single character (type in romanji): http://www.csse.monash.edu.au/~jwb/cgi-bin/wwwjdic.cgi?1B
      Kanji lookup – words (multiple characters): http://www.webdico.com/


    2. onomeister Says:

      I assume that you already know how to switch on the Microsoft pre-installed Global IME Japanese language keyboard input?
      If not, here: http://www.yesjapan.com/install_japanese/


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