March 2012

This is a wacky video. Wanna see all 22 Bond movies simultaneously? I lol’ed watching this! You only see the first minute, but ingenious nonetheless.

(credit to MJCJMJCJM and blogger

A tragic story from Augusta, Georgia, where a 12-year old shot and killed a 10-year old. The investigators say that before the shooting occurred, the kids were playing Call of Duty: Black Ops (a game that is rated M for intense violence and meant for 17+ year olds).

The 10-year old boy and another 8-year old boy were playing the game, while the 12-year old boy was waving around his parents’ semi-automatic handgun when it went off.

Child psychiatrist, Dr. Dale Peeples says there are many factors that affect violent behavior in children: their family situation, their peer group dynamic and  if they have witnessed violence in the past.

Do you think playing a excessively violent game like Call of Duty could be a factor that motivates a kid to search for their parents’ handgun and start playing around with it? Obviously, the parents have some responsibility in this tragedy. Was their mistake letting their kids play this game, or leaving the gun lying around the house, or both?

This is the making of the breathlessly beautiful video of “KARA“, a PS3 tech demo / mini sci-fi film, that I blogged about here (make sure you watch this first before you watch the video below). You will be shocked at the uncanny resemblance of the artificially created Kara versus the actress Valorie Curry! Hurry! And watch this:

So do you think Quantic Dream will develop this into a game? After all, they did create the critically acclaimed “Heavy Rain” game on the PS3. What do you think?

So, is Angry Birds Space the same old thing? Thankfully no; it actually introduces some new mechanics of weightlessness / gravity into the play control, giving it a fresh new feel. The graphics have been improved, and the level designs are fun and interesting. The same addictive gameplay that everyone enjoys is back. Some say that this is the most entertaining of all the Angry Birds games!

Is it worth getting? Watch IGN’s review below and decide for yourself.

The iPhone version is $0.99, while iPad’s HD version is $2.99. Android’s is $0.99. PC fans can get a free, ad-supported version, or ad-free version for $5.95, Mac users are $4.99.

This video review by IGN shows some of the beautiful graphics of AB:Space.

That’s a lot of Angry Birds!

Thanks to Earth Station One for the post.

Scroll down for the amazing Augmented Reality!!

As you know, I blogged about a hard-to-resist Deal of the Day for the Nintendo 3DS. Sorry wifey, I gave in. And boy, for $100, this is a great value! Bought two games that came to $80, Super Mario Land 3D and Kid Icarus: Uprising. Now here are some thoughts on the system.

  • The 3D is amazing!  (depending on the game of course). The included games within the 3DS (wait till you try AR Games!) really take advantage of it, and so do both Super Mario Land 3D and Kid Icarus. And remember, if the 3D effects are a little too much, it can be easily turned down or even off.
  • There’s a LOT of preloaded software this time! You can make and play music, take 3D pictures and 3D video (REALLY!), and edit them. You can even play Augmented Reality (AR) mini-games using the six packed-in AR cards. These AR games really show off the 3D effects well! You won’t believe your eyes when you first try them!
  • The device includes an accelerometer and gyroscope, for more modern motion-sensitive game control without additional peripherals. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time uses the motion-sensing hardware very well!
  • It comes included with a 2gb SD card! And of course the AC adapter, which you can use while playing if you play for more than 3 hours straight (cuz you know, the battery dies after just 3hrs). Oh, and it’s already charged up for you the first time right out of the box!

I can understand the criticism the 3DS got when it first came out ($250 price tag, low battery life, very few games). Well, this is the best time now as there are many great games out and for $100* for what you get, this is the deal of the year! *limited time only

What games, you say? See further below.

Must-get games that are currently out on the platform: Super Mario Land 3D, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Super Mario Kart 7, Super Street Fighter IV 3D, Nintendogs + Cats, Pilotwings Resort, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Rayman 3D, Super Monkey Ball 3D, Samurai Warriors Chronicles,  Ridge Racer 3D, Ghost Recon Shadow Wars, Star Fox 3D, and soon to be out Professor Layton: Mask of Miracle.

I am very tempted on this Deal of the Day!! CDN$99.99 for the Nintendo 3DS, for the portable system! First, you buy the 3DS at Walmart for CDN$119.00 (online/in-store), then, at Nintendo’s website, you print & mail in the receipt to get $20.00 back from Nintendo! (Print the Mail-In Rebate here).

Some say the Walmart price is a temporary sale (I went over to EB Games who’s still selling it at $169). Also, the $20 cash back is only good till April 16, 2012 (don’t lose the Walmart receipt!). So you snooze you lose!!

By the way, for $0.97 more if you order online at, you can get it shipped to your home!!

So what do you think? Should you go and buy it?? Deal of the WEEK!

There are 4 colours at - Blue, Black, Pink, Red

You know, when the 3DS first came out only 1 year ago in March 2011, the price was $250!!! Then the deep price cut came in July 2011 to $169, and now $119! That’s a 48% price drop in 12 months!!! (that kind of drop in that short of time may be a record for such a highly touted game system)

Why get it now: It’s OMG cheap!! You may have to wait another two years for the next 2nd-gen 3DS to drop this low in price. The 3D effects are amazing, and you don’t need to wear stupid glasses!

Why wait: The 2nd generation 3DS is just around the corner. Rumours say it’s going to include longer battery life (1st-gen is only THREE hours per charge!), and a built-in 2nd analog stick (the current add-on 2nd analog stick is fugly, and $20 extra, unless you buy the combo game pack).

edit: I had to get it, especially for only $100, read my review here.

edit#2: Sale is OVER! Price back up to $169. That was quick!! You snoozy you losey!

Are you a Toronto Blue Jays fan? I’ve been a Jays fan since the 1980’s and the season is soon upon us! This video of the 2012 Jays is very well-made and makes me drool for what the 2012 Jays will accomplish this year. Homerun king Jose Bautista, promising Canadian sensation Brett Lawrie, ace-of-the-staff Ricky Romero, young 23-homers-in-2011 J.P. Arencibia, acrobatic SS Yunel Escobar, highly-touted pitcher Kyle Drabek…  GO JAYS GO!


As you know, I reblogged a post from another blogger about Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio teaming up for another movie in the works. This will be number FIVE! The two are a hot item, so I coined their name: Scorcaprio!

I thought I’d take this as an opportunity to share their other movies with my followers and review them. Have you seen all of them? Which ones did you especially enjoy? Which ones have you not seen yet? Why not? I liked each one in their own special way.

  1. Gangs of New York (2002) – Nominated for ten Oscars, this enthralling, disturbing and violent film is worth watching for the acting, especially Daniel Day-Lewis as the villain, but also for DiCaprio. Scorsese does an excellent job portraying life as it was in New York in 1862. [R]
  2. The Aviator (2004) – Nominated for 11 Oscars & won 5 of them, the acting is phenomenal in this tragic portrayal of the fascinating madman, genius and aviation pioneer Howard Hughes life. Cate Blanchett’s performance as Katherine Hepburn was also outstanding [PG-13]
  3. The Departed (2006) – This extremely violent film based on a Hong Kong movie won four Oscars including Best Picture and Best Director and many say is Scorsese’s best movie since Goodfellas. The all-star cast of DiCaprio, Damon, Nicholson, Baldwin, Wahlberg, every single role is memorable, their lines are etched into my memory! [R]
  4. Shutter Island (2010) This psychological thriller is a wild rollercoaster ride and has crazy plot twists and turns; a movie like a jigsaw puzzle that you will need to put your full attention to, one of the best of 2010. [R]
  5. Adaptation of The Wolf of Wall Street from Jordan Belfort’s 2007 memoir about his experiences making millions in the stock market only to wind up in jail for fraud and money laundering. Scheduled to be released in 2013.

They look like they could be father & son in this photo!

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