Wait till you see this amazing video! Four iPhones are rearranged over and over again like a puzzle, all to the tune of “We Are Young” by Fun. The choreography to make this video must have been a gargantuan ordeal. It took them a total of 238 takes to get the final arrangement correct (remember it’s all one continuous take). You guys are my hero! INGENIOUS!!

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Once and a while you HAVE to recommend a video of “guy-with-instruments-playing-video-game-music”, if it’s done impressively. This one is amazing! Seriously!! FreddeGredde plays 34 songs in 10 minutes. See how many you recognize!

My favourites were: Bubble Bobble (I lol’ed), Banjo Kazooie (the kazoo!), Dr.Mario, F-Zero, Donkey Kong Country and Gradius.

Tell me which ones you LOL’ed to, and which were your favourites!!

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kudos to anyone who recognized the Kingdom Hearts song “Simple and Clean” by Hikaru Utada (a hugely successful pop singer in Japan) (such an AWESOME song – SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t played K.H. to the end)

Occasionally, you come across a cover song of a classic that MUST be shared. If you know Radiohead’s “Creep”, which has been covered everywhere (even on American Idol / X-Factor), then this cover version is a MUST-HEAR.

It starts off a little “meh”, but wait till you get to 2:25, you will get shivers (or “goosies” as Jennifer Lopez would say). Amazing stuff!

The singer is Carrie Manolakos, a former Broadway singer, who was Sophie in Mamma Mia! She was promoting her upcoming debut album Echo at Le Poisson Rouge in Greenwich Village.

(Keep in mind that she sings the original lyrics, ie. F-words included).

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