March 2013

I have told you that Flickr is photorific, haven’t I? Look at this stunning photo of a sunset and icicles by Ken Scott photography! I would love to take photos like this, but these kind of opportunities are not easy to find… Thank you Flickr for sharing!


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photo credit: Ken Scott photography (‘shopped color saturation, contrast/brightness)

Flickr is fantastic! So many cute and creative photos, like this one!  Has anyone heard of the internet meme, Danbo? I didn’t realize it was so popular till I googled more about it. It first appeared in 2006 in a Japanese manga called Yotsuba&! (my kids read this manga – they say it’s pretty funny!). Then came the toys in 2007.  In 2009, the boom started when fans started taking photos of Danbo in cute everyday situations.  There’s a huge 4000 member Danbo community on Flickr, and now these photos are popping up everywhere on image searches! Thanks to Rich Byham for sharing this with us! Hmm… I might order a Danbo figurine and take some funny photos myself…


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photo credit: Rich Byham (‘shopped color saturation, contrast/brightness)

skrillex-quest-2I grew up playing Nintendo games. NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Wii… Anything Nintendo-related gives me a warm fuzzy nostalgic feeling. This free game that you can play in any internet browser window does just that. And it’s actually quite well-made for a browser game, with its colorful seizure-inducing graphics. And it has a Skrillex soundtrack!

This simple game even has a story: A certain “golden NES cartridge” (I still have mine!) has gotten a piece of dust in it, and as a result the game within has become corrupted with glitches. You must take your sword and fight through a series of rooms in an effort to defeat the glitches inside the game.

The gameplay is simple yet fun, and I like how he incorporated the music. Hats off to the creator, Jason Oda, who also recently brought us the nostalgic but very short Perfect Strangers game (based on the opening song from the 80’s sitcom with Balki).

Click or go here to play Skrillex Quest:


How many times have I told you that Flickr is great? Where else on the interweb can you find creative and amazing photos like this one by Juan Ignacio Llana? This shot reminds me of the childhood story, the Little Prince, as well as a fun iOS game that I played called Godfinger on my iPhone/iPad (it’s free, highly rated, and a fun casual game) (**sorry Canadians, currently not available in Canada’s Apple app store – unless you create a separate login for the US app store…) By the way, remember to view this photo not on your tiny smartphone but on a big PC or iPad screen!


photo credit: Juan Ignacio Llana (‘shopped color saturation, contrast/brightness)


Godfinger game for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Blue-Jays-2013-SportsnetDoes anyone remember 1992 & 1993? It’s the last time the Toronto Blue Jays, Canada’s only Major League Baseball team won the coveted World Series championship, and they won it two years consecutively! I still get shivers watching Joe Carter hitting that walk-off series-winning homerun. Wow, 20 years! Has it been that long now?

Fast forward to 2013. If you have been living in a hole, you may not be aware that the Blue Jays have had a very busy off-season with two blockbuster trades and several key moves. Now, all of a sudden, even Las Vegas oddsmakers have put the Blue Jays with the best odds of winning in 2013.

So what happened, you say? November 2012: GM Alex Anthopoulos makes a humongous trade with the Florida Marlins. This trade got the Jays an all-star shortstop and lead-off hitter Jose Reyes, all-star starting pitcher Josh Johnson, all-star veteran starter and ultra-reliable Mark Buehrle, and speedy utilityman Emilio Bonifacio who can play the infield or the outfield.

A few days later, Anthopoulos decides to give a second chance to all-star left-fielder Melky Cabrera who just came off a 50-game suspension for using a performance-enhancing substance.

Then, December 2012: the GM pulls off another blockbuster trade and gets all-star and reigning Cy Young Award winner (of NL) and knuckleballer R.A. Dickey.

Two main questions arise that will be answered as the season goes on: Will the team remain healthy, unlike the 2012 Jays that were decimated by injuries? Was the price of all the top-10 prospects and young talent that was given up in the trades too expensive?

There’s a real buzz going around Toronto and the rest of Canada. Toronto has been starving for a playoff-calibre team whether in baseball, hockey, or basketball. For the first time in 20 years, we have a team that can truly contend with the best of the best! This could be the year! I finally have reason to get Rogers One to watch me some HD games! FINALLY!

Blue Jays World Series Bets at Bovada Sportsbook

Check out the well-made video below by a Jays fan of the 2013 Toronto Blue Jays! Go Jays Go!

Have I ever told you that Flickr is a geek’s paradise? Once in a while, you’ll see a photo on Flickr that represent the nerd in me. Like this one of some creative Lego by kwi-chang – I would buy this!! This reminds me of the gripping and highly-acclaimed Evangelion anime, and more recently Linebarrels (Click on the links to watch these anime right now). You know, in order to create this, one would have to be a Lego-maniac and have quite a big collection of bricks already. I wish I had his creativity. Remember, it’s best to see this photo on your PC or iPad, instead of your tiny smartphone!


photo credit: kwi-chang


photo credit: kwi-chang (‘shopped using Contour Drawing effect)