Just posted a few days ago, and almost 900,000 views, this is funny to watch… Deer 1, Longboarder 0. I hope the deer was ok. Oh yeah, and the guy also.

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This Video of the Day is so funny that you will lol! Denver the Guilty Dog is an internet star! Am I possibly the only one that hasn’t seen this hilarious video yet? (Apparently, it was a 2011 phenomenon) No matter how many times that I watch this, it makes me smile…

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Meet Ronald Wayne, a gambling man who is reminded every year on this day of what seems like a cruel April Fools joke, of how he could have been a billionaire if he had chosen to stick it out with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

Ronald Wayne, who has never owned an Apple product, recently purchased a Dell computer.  

According to Wayne, Jobs asked for his help in drafting documents, creating the company’s first logo and an operating manual. For his contribution, Wayne was awarded a 10 percent stake in the company. And so, on April 1st, 1976, he became a founding member of Apple Inc.

Why did he leave? He was thousands of dollars in debt for a failing slot-machine manufacturing company, and was concerned history would repeat. “When you’re at a focal point of history, you don’t realize you’re at a focal point of history,” he said.

What is he doing now? “I’m living off my Social Security and I do a modest trade in collectors’ stamps and coins,” he said.

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This is a wacky video. Wanna see all 22 Bond movies simultaneously? I lol’ed watching this! You only see the first minute, but ingenious nonetheless.

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