Walking-Dead-Telltale-GamesZombie fans! Casual gamers! Do you have an iPhone or iPad, or Xbox Live? For a limited time only, the award-winning and critically-acclaimed “Walking Dead – The Game” by Telltale Games, based on the smash hit TV series is FREE! (Episode 1 only) Download it now before it’s too late!! (works best on iPad2 or better)

Walking-Dead-Telltale-Games-2IGN explains the uniqueness of the  gameplay:

“As you play through [the episode], the big moments come when you choose how Lee [the protagonist]  responds to situations and what he says in conversations with his fellow survivors. Choices and dialogue pop up on screen with timers, and you have seconds to pick exactly what you’re going to do or say. Whereas previous adventure games from developer Telltale Games would let you run through every possible line of dialogue, that isn’t the case here. In The Walking Dead, you choose, and the game moves on – adapting its story to each decision.”

In the end, IGN gives it a 9.3/10.

“The Walking Dead: The Game is something special. By giving players the option to craft relationships and make choices that fill out the story, The Walking Dead wraps you up in its events and makes you care in a way few video games can.”

Click here for App Store (iOS) or go here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/walking-dead-the-game/id524731580?mt=8

Hey video gamers in Canada, Walmart Canada has put two games on sale that onomeister thinks you may consider buying. One is a highly acclaimed family fun platformer and the other is a music game for casual gamers. Usually at Walmart, these video game sale prices stay the same until all the stock at that store is gone, and no new stock comes in after it’s all gone. So remember, “you snooze you lose”.

  • Rayman Origins (PS3 & Xbox 360) on sale for CAD$9.83 (for PS3) (for Xbox 360) – It has been called a platformer masterpiece. If you loved New Super Mario Bros Wii, then this is a must-buy. IGN rates it a 9.5/10: “Ubisoft drew up a one of a kind style and stuck to it to create one of the prettiest and downright pleasing video games ever created. Excellent controls, laugh out loud co-op and a great sense of challenge and accomplishment. This is platforming at its finest.”. See below for a video review.
  • Black Eyed Peas: The Experience Limited Edition (Xbox 360 Kinect) on sale for CAD$9.83 – This game is obviously a casual party game for the less hardcore. But is it still fun for the casual gamer? Well, this Kinect dance game is similar to Dance Central or The Michael Jackson Experience, and includes 30 of their songs (link to the song list). Don’t worry, any Black Eyed Peas fan should be happy with the selection. And if you like this kinda music, for 240 MS pts per song, you can download nine other songs (must-buy’s would be: “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO, “Like a G6” by Far East Movement, and “Where is the Love?” by Black Eyed Peas). See below for the trailer.

FYI, I was at my local Walmart, and they still had several copies of each game as of time of my post (online seems sold out, though)

Canadians! Sci-fi fans! Blu-ray collectors! I have three great sci-fi movies that are discounted currently on amazon.ca. Remember, these are “you snooze you lose” limited-supply deals. Do you like your sci-fi? Then, if you get all three, your shipping will be free, as your order will be over CAD$25.

  • Super 8 (2011) on sale for CAD$9.99 – From J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg, this one has been said to be a tribute to classic Spielberg movies. A mixture of E.T., Jurassic Park and Cloverfield, this tale of youth, mystery and adventure has a nostalgic feeling like Goonies and Stand By Me. It’s nothing innovative but a fun ride. Rated PG-13 (IMDb rating 7.2/10, watch trailer).
  • Moon(2009) on sale for CAD$9.99 – This critically acclaimed film is about a lonely inhabitant of an automated lunar mining base who longs to see his wife and child so much that it starts to get him mentally unstable. This is a must-see if you are a sci-fi fan. Rated R (IMDb rating 8.0/10, watch trailer).
  • Equilibrium(2002) on sale for CAD$6.99 –  Watch a young Christian Bale and Sean Bean in this sci-fi film in which the action sequences are very well-choreographed. The post-apocalyptic movie has been compared to the Matrix and George Orwell’s 1984. Rated R (IMDb rating 7.6/10, watch trailer).

Finally! Some AAA games on the PS3 that I’ve been waiting for the price to come down. At Wal-mart Canada, for CAD$14.83 each, you can get Heavy Rain, Gran Turismo 5, Uncharted 2 (GoTY edition), God Of War 3, Infamous 1, Modnation Racer, Killzone 3, Little Big Planet 1 (GoTY edition).

I finally bought Heavy Rain and GT5 after all this time. I’m so excited to play both, as they were both highly touted games. Heavy Rain‘s Metacritic score is 87%, while Gran Turismo 5 is 84%.

FYI, each Wal-mart will have different stock. I went to the huge bargain bin that had the price sign “$15 and up” and it took me 10 minutes to find the games that I wanted, so YMMV (your mileage may vary).

Phew, it’s expensive being a video game fan!

(Sorry U.S. friends, this sale is not for Wal-mart USA – yet)

OMG unbelievable deal of the year for a bundle of eight highly-rated PC games!! Only 5 days left (as of my post date: 06/09/2012), so hurry! If you’ve been following gaming, you’ll already know these critically-acclaimed games: Braid, Bastion, LIMBO, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery, Super Meat Boy, Psychonauts; but you also get Amnesia: The Dark Descent (A first-person horror game about living through a nightmare), and Lone Survivor (an intense side-scrolling psychological horror game).

**Keep in mind that you can pay any amount you wish to get four games, but only customers who pay more than the *average* price (currently listed on website as $8.29) will receive Bastion, Braid, Super Meat Boy, and Lone Survivor, as well as several music soundtracks of five of the games. System requirements are on the website.

This “Humble Indie Bundle” has been promoting new (and old) PC games made by indie developers for several years now. These games are sold and distributed online at a price determined by you, the customer. The games are DRM-free, and independently developed, and you decide how you want the revenue split between the developers, charities and humble bundle organizers. Worried if it’s legit? See their wiki page.

There have been nine of these bundle drives now and many have said this current Humble Bundle is the best one ever! If you love video games like me, you MUST own this bundle!

Here’s a quick review of each game, and further below is a video show showing clips from every game in the bundle (a few f-words by the reviewer, lol)

  • Braid – This memorable and innovative side scrolling masterpiece has beautiful lush visuals and a feature that lets you rewind your last steps if you die, a very handy tool.
  • Bastion – An isometric hack-and-slash role-playing game that has won many awards, highly regarded for its gorgeously colourful graphics, you’ll laugh at the deep-voiced narrator (voted for its outstanding music in 2011)
  • LIMBO – A beautiful black & white puzzle adventure game that is simple but challenging in later levels, you’ll love the aesthetics and art style.
  • Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP – Highly-rated when it came out on iOS devices, this simple and fun indie gem uses 8-bit pixel graphics beautifully and was nominated for its amazing and memorable music in 2011.
  • Super Meat Boy – This pull-your-hair-out difficult platformer game will challenge you to the max. You will die a thousand deaths, but the adrenaline and excitement that you feel when you complete a level is just great.
  • Psychonauts – One of those few games that make you laugh out loud, this game has sharp humour, bizarre characters and excellent production values.
  • Amnesia: The Dark DescentA first-person horror game about immersion, discovery and living through a nightmare – a very scary game!
  • Lone Survivor – This chilling and disturbing survivor horror game has an irresistible atmosphere of spine-tingling dread.





Super Meat Boy



Lone Survivor

I might have to finally go buy myself a cheap PC game controller (especially for Super Meat Boy, and the other platformers).

Note: I do not make any kind of commission or credit for posting about this deal.

Are you an X-men fan? A blu-ray collector? Then it’s time to get the X-men Trilogy for $6 per disc  for CDN$17.99 at Best Buy Canada! Remember, you can order online, then ask to pick up instore, so you can save on shipping (or buy something else to get you over $20 so that you get free shipping!).

(Sorry US friends, it’s still $30 at Best Buy USA at time of writing)

As always, limited quantities, so you snooze you lose.

  • X-Men (2000) – I don’t remember another movie where it stars two knighted people in the same movie (Sir Ian McKellan and Sir Patrick Stewart), but this popcorn film is fun and entertaining  for non-comic fans as well as comic book fans (IMDb  rating 7.4).
  • X2: X-Men United (2003) – Many say this is the best film of the first three movies, due to the great character development, has a substantial plot, and a great ending (IMDb rating 7.6).
  • X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) – The third of the trilogy (done by a different director) has great action and special effects, but that’s about it; watch this movie with low expectations (IMDb rating 6.8)

comic credit: Stephen Frug

Here are some outstanding Amazon blu-ray deals!! (*you snooze you lose!)

Get the pre-order of “Christopher Nolan: Director’s Collection” for CAD$35.99 at Amazon.ca, and for my U.S. friends: US$33.86 at Amazon.com. You will get free shipping with this deal; so you’re paying $7 per blu-ray for these highly-rated movies!!

The Nolan collection includes:

  • Insomnia – Al Pacino and Robin Williams star in this murder mystery psychological thriller set in ominous-looking Alaska (7.2 rating).
  • Memento – This amazing film noir, you will be thinking and talking about it for days. Advice: watch with no distractions! (8.6 rating)
  • Batman Begins – Liam Neeson is amazing in this movie that has a  richly dark, atmospheric world; I forgot this was a comic book movie! (8.3 rating).
  • The Dark Knight – Heath Ledger as Joker steals almost every scene in this epic masterpiece (8.9 rating).
  • Inception – DiCaprio stars in this mind-blowing film that you must pay attention from beginning to end (8.8 rating).

Pirates of the Caribbean have also been marked down (free shipping once you hit $25). The ratings decrease the newer the release, but they’re still fun family flicks (“At World’s End” had a $300 million budget!!)

Spartacus – Season 1 and 2 are now on sale. Although there is strong sexual content and language, this is like watching Gladiator in an R-rated TV series. Many have said if they were to make a soap opera to cater towards men, this would be it. There is revenge, betrayal, loyalty, greed, anger, sorrow, love, romance, hatred, brutality and violence. Just like Russell Crowe’s movie, after a slow start (4 or 5 episodes), you find yourself rooting for the characters.

Super Mario Galaxy, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Punch Out, Super Paper Mario, Mario Strikers Charged, Animal Crossing: City Folk, Mario Super Sluggers are on sale only until May 30, 2012 for CAD$14.83 each. All 7 of these are AAA must-buy titles. The soccer and baseball games and Animal Crossing are more for casual gamers and kids, but the other four games are definitely great for all gamers.

Get more info on each game here on nintendo.com

GameTrailers scores:

Super Mario Galaxy – 9.0/10
Legend of Zelda: TP – 9.4/10
Punch Out – 8.4/10
Super Paper Mario – 8.8/10
Mario Strikers Charged – 7.4/10
Animal Crossing: City Folk – 7.2/10
Mario Super Sluggers – 6.7/10

    *click the game to see the video review by GameTrailers

Are you a fan of video games? Which of the above games do you have, and which would you say are must-haves in any gamer’s collection?

So Canadian gamers, if you’ve somehow missed playing Uncharted 2, THIS is the time to get it as it is at a great low price, as well as Killzone 3, both games that are PS3 exclusives and highly rated. For a limited time at Real Canadian Superstore / Loblaws, they are going for CDN$9.97 each. I bought my copy yesterday.

1UP has rated Uncharted 2 with the highest grade of A+, while Gamespot gave it a 95%. Uncharted 2 is one of those games that your non-gamer girlfriend/wife may enjoy watching you play for the story/cinematics, as the script and storytelling was highly acclaimed. Please play this game till you get to the part where you will shoot at a bad guy grappling with one of your buddies while sliding down a collapsing floor – your jaw will drop! Even the multiplayer option is awesome. This game is one of the top 3 games on the PS3. GET IT NOW!

Killzone 3 has been rated 9.4/10 by Gametrailers, and 8.5 by IGN. It’s lauded for its gorgeous graphics and for its first-person experience. In every way, the developers have improved the game since Killzone 2. The combat is more intense and savage than other shooters. The game also incorporates the PS Move for motion control, and 3D effects if you have a 3DTV. Well worth $10.

See a video review of Uncharted 2 here, and Killzone 3 here (by GT).

credit: Owen Parsons @ dorkly.com

OMG!! Wow!! Mom/Dad, stock up now for your kids’ next birthday/Xmas presents!! Toys R Us (Canada) has an insane 40% off sale on all Hasbro-made board games that are under CDN$32.99 !! I’m going to get me some savings right now!

There are too many to list (84 games), but the most popular ones that I noticed that are definitely worth getting: Scrabble Flash (reg.$30, now $18), Operation (reg.$20, now $12), Trivial Pursuit Bet You Know It (reg.$30, now $18), Battleship (reg.$21, now $12.57), Scattergories (reg.$30, now $20), Taboo Reinvention (reg.$33, now $20),  Trivial Pursuit – Disney For All (reg.$25, now $15), Connect 4 Launchers (reg.$25, now $15), Risk (reg.$25, now $15), Scribblish (makers of Cranium) (reg.$25, now $15), Cranium 2.0 (reg.$30, now $18), Twister (reg.$20, now $12), Pictureka (reg.$20, now $12), Pictionary (reg.$33, now $20), Hungry Hippos (reg.$20, now $12), Clue (reg.$20, now $12), Monopoly (original) (reg.$20, now $12), Perfection (reg.$20, now $12), Sorry ($20, now $12), Mouse Trap ($20, now $12), Game of Life ($25, now $15), Jenga ($20, now $12).

Hey parents!!! This sale ends April 26, 2012, you snooze you lose!! But I’m betting the most popular games will sell out first, so hurry! (and bring your Air Miles if you buy in-store – 1 mile/$25)

I love board games as it’s the only thing that brings my entire family together and enjoy some simple fun (though, New Super Mario Bros Wii and Mario Party also does this…).