I love the symmetry and colour in this breathtaking photo found on Flickr. This beautiful road is at a tulip farm in Woodburn, Oregon called the Wooden Shoe. Looking at this photographer’s other photos at the tulip farm is also amazing, but this one really caught my eye. LUV IT! Now I want to go visit Woodburn for this annual tulip festival…


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photo credit: kwtraveller (‘shopped colour saturation, contrast/brightness)

Woah… This photo is just beautiful! Makes you want to visit this strange exotic land of Myanmar (aka Burma). Bagan, Myanmar is one of the main tourist hotspots. More than 10,000 Buddhist temples were built in Bagan between the 11th and 13th centuries. Many were damaged from earthquakes and erosion, but more than 2200 remain today. The balloon rides will cost you US$300 per person. But for the beautiful views & photo op, I would love to visit these ancient structures someday…


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Original photo credit: Oscar Tarneberg (darkened contrast/saturation)

Do you like beautiful photos? Then you must like Flickr. So many wonderful photos, so little time to see all the best ones. So, onomeister is here to share the best photos! Like this one by NatashaP who took this eye-poppingly beautiful shot of Mount Fuji and cherry blossoms during a sunset on April 17, 2013 in Yamanashi, Japan. Oh, and there seems to be a river of strawberry milk…


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photo credit: NatashaP (‘shopped color saturation)

Everyone knows about photo blog websites like Flickr. So many amazing photos, and not enough time to sift through hundreds of pages of photos. So, onomeister is here to share the best of the best! Like this one by bbw1150 who took this incredible shot at the Osaka International Airport on May 5, 2013, which is a national holiday in Japan (no, not Cinco de Mayo, but Children’s Day). Also, this holiday falls during Golden Week, the busiest time of the year for the Japanese, as many take their vacations (like Christmas in western countries). Flights, hotels, trains, even restaurants are fully booked around this time of year, and prices are all increased to the highest peak season rates. Tourists, avoid visiting during Golden Week at all costs!


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photo credit: bbw1150 (‘shopped color saturation, contrast/brightness)