Toronto Blue Jays’ slugger Edwin Encarnacion hits a solo home run against the Baltimore Orioles on April 24, 2013, in a game that was very hard fought and probably will be remembered as one of the best games the Jays played this year. It was highlighted by a game-saving throw ’em out by Rajai Davis that is worthy of being one of the best plays of the year by the Blue Jays (click HERE to see the amazing play – the throw, not the hit).


Original photo credit: Patrick Semansky/AP (‘Shopped color saturation, layering + Gaussian blur)

Did you know that onomeister is a hardcore Toronto Blue Jay fan? So many games in a year to watch, so little time to watch them all. This game against the arch-rivals New York Yankees was a good one. Jays were down by 2 and had a breakout 6th inning rally started by Canadian sensation Brett Lawrie to score 4 runs , which in the end decided the game. Jays are finally showing some explosive offensive effort after going 8W-11L so far.

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Original photo credit: Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images (Shopped color saturation, brightness/contrast, cropped)

Blue-Jays-2013-SportsnetDoes anyone remember 1992 & 1993? It’s the last time the Toronto Blue Jays, Canada’s only Major League Baseball team won the coveted World Series championship, and they won it two years consecutively! I still get shivers watching Joe Carter hitting that walk-off series-winning homerun. Wow, 20 years! Has it been that long now?

Fast forward to 2013. If you have been living in a hole, you may not be aware that the Blue Jays have had a very busy off-season with two blockbuster trades and several key moves. Now, all of a sudden, even Las Vegas oddsmakers have put the Blue Jays with the best odds of winning in 2013.

So what happened, you say? November 2012: GM Alex Anthopoulos makes a humongous trade with the Florida Marlins. This trade got the Jays an all-star shortstop and lead-off hitter Jose Reyes, all-star starting pitcher Josh Johnson, all-star veteran starter and ultra-reliable Mark Buehrle, and speedy utilityman Emilio Bonifacio who can play the infield or the outfield.

A few days later, Anthopoulos decides to give a second chance to all-star left-fielder Melky Cabrera who just came off a 50-game suspension for using a performance-enhancing substance.

Then, December 2012: the GM pulls off another blockbuster trade and gets all-star and reigning Cy Young Award winner (of NL) and knuckleballer R.A. Dickey.

Two main questions arise that will be answered as the season goes on: Will the team remain healthy, unlike the 2012 Jays that were decimated by injuries? Was the price of all the top-10 prospects and young talent that was given up in the trades too expensive?

There’s a real buzz going around Toronto and the rest of Canada. Toronto has been starving for a playoff-calibre team whether in baseball, hockey, or basketball. For the first time in 20 years, we have a team that can truly contend with the best of the best! This could be the year! I finally have reason to get Rogers One to watch me some HD games! FINALLY!

Blue Jays World Series Bets at Bovada Sportsbook

Check out the well-made video below by a Jays fan of the 2013 Toronto Blue Jays! Go Jays Go!

Just posted a few days ago, and almost 900,000 views, this is funny to watch… Deer 1, Longboarder 0. I hope the deer was ok. Oh yeah, and the guy also.

youtube credit: the papdog

Yes, yes, the 2012 Olympics are done. I just couldn’t help myself, with this beautiful Olympics photo that I found and I needed to share with you (If you want to see more beautiful Olympic photos, click Olympicstag to the right of my blog).

This one is just a fantastic photo of the famous Tower Bridge in London by Flickr photographer Snappist aka John Frye. From all my Olympic Photos of the Day, this one is my number one favourite! Mr. Frye, thank you for sharing this incredible photo!

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‘Shopped original photo by John Frye/Flickr (color balance, saturation, contrast/brightness)

onomeister, the 2012 Olympics are done, but you continue to post Olympic photos, why?? I just couldn’t help myself, sorry!! There are so many great photographers with a wonderful eye with their awesome cameras & lenses (*envy*); I just HAVE to share it! (there are more envious Olympic photos by clicking Olympicstag to the right of my blog).

Seeing these kind of amazing fish-eye photos (that are done well, not over-used) makes me want to invest in my own lens (one of these days…). This shot is by Flickr photographer Likster.

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‘Shopped original photo by Likster/Flickr (saturation, contrast/brightness)

Yeah, I know, why is onomeister still posting photos from the 2012 Olympics? Well, what if any blog followers were too busy, because they were training for the 2014 Winter Olympics, and they haven’t seen any wonderful photos?  Well, don’t worry! Just click on the Olympicstag to the right of my blog and check out some beautiful photos! Here’s another:

A great photo of “House of Flags” and Big Ben in the back during the 2012 London Olympics by Flickr photographer pallab seth. Designed by AY Architects, the monument is a large 206-piece jigsaw puzzle representing all the nations participating in the Olympics.

‘Shopped original photo by pallab seth/Flickr (color balance, saturation, contrast/brightness)

Yeah, I know, why is onomeister still posting photos from the 2012 Olympics? Well, what about all my blog followers who were busy, missed the Olympics, and they haven’t seen any of the beauuutiful photos???  Well, don’t worry! Just click on the Olympicstag to the right of my blog and check out more wonderful photos!

Here’s another:

One word: “elegance”, …or “graceful”. Oops, that’s two words. Luv the blue tinge from the water below. This is Mai Nakagawa of Japan in the Women’s 10m Platform Diving of the London 2012 Olympics on August 8, 2012.

‘Shopped original photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images (color balance, saturation, contrast/brightness)

Yes, I know, 2012 London Olympics are long done. “But, but I didn’t see any of it!!”  Well, don’t worry! Just click on the Olympicstag to the right of my blog and check out some wonderful photos! Here’s another:

“Ow!! That’s going to leave a huge fat lip!” says Nordine Oubaali of France, fighting against Afghanistan’s Ajmal Faisal in the men’s Flyweight boxing match during the London 2012 Olympics July 30, 2012.

‘Shopped original photo by REUTERS/Murad Sezer (layering, Gaussian blur, saturation, higher contrast)

Yes, 2012 London Olympics have come and gone…  Well, don’t worry! Just click on the Olympicstag to the right of my blog and check out some wonderful photos! Here’s another one:

Henrik Von Eckermann of Sweden riding “Allerdings” competes in Horse Jumping at the London 2012 Olympic Games at Greenwich Park on August 6, 2012. “Indeed“, this photo is definitely worthy in my collection.

‘Shopped original photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images (contrast/brightness, saturation)

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