February 2012

This highly recommended and easy online contest by ESPN Sports has now been going on for three years. It’s super easy to enter, and there are great cash prizes. You don’t need to know anything about sports to enter.

It’s quite a lot to do with luck, but it’s fun to enter and you don’t have to be a sports fanatic to win (unlike those crazy fantasy sports pools). Just make an ESPN account (which is free and only takes about a minute), and try to log in at least once a day to get your game selected – there’s even a mobile app to make things even easier.

So how do you win? Just accumulate the longest winning streak by selecting the winning team (or player) in advance of an ongoing variety of matchups in many different sports (MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, Soccer, Tennis, NCAA, even Golf!).

Now, how hard is it? Well, last month (January 2012), the winner had a streak of 25 consecutive correct guesses. Wanna know yours truly, onomeister’s longest winning streak ever? 18, baby! I dare you to try to beat that!!

What’s the prize? An ongoing monthly grand prize of $50,000, meaning each month, the stats and all entries reset so you get a new chance to win every month! Also, there is a bonus carry-over that increases the grand prize dollar amount:

Bonus “Stash” Prize:

The Bonus will be Prize awarded to the month’s Monthly Prize winner *if* that entrant’s longest winning streak during their winning Monthly Challenge meets the Streak Threshold as designated in the game (currently a streak of 27). If the Monthly Prize winner’s streak does NOT reach the Streak Threshold, he/she will still win the Monthly Prize, but the month’s Bonus Prize will rollover to the next month. Bonus Prize winner may carry-over up to US $600,000.

So if you want a fun and easy (and LEGAL) way to earn $50,000, this would be my answer to you. Get STREAKING!

By the way, the game offers group creation, so you can compete against your friends! If you want join my group “Canadians R Us”, so we can trash talk each other, send me an email or Comment in this post.

The 2012 Oscars have come and gone, but what about other movies that should have been nominated??? I call them “Snubs by Snobs”! These are onomeister’s 2012 snubs by the Acadamy that should have definitely been considered, and you should definitely consider seeing sometime…

  • J. Edgar – Leonardo DiCaprio’s acting was superb as the head of the FBI, although makeup didn’t help much when making him look old.
  • The Adventures of Tintin – Nevermind Spielberg was the director, this should have beaten at least two nominated animated films that are questionable.
  • Super 8 – Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams deliver this fun popcorn / sci-fi movie.
  • Drive – Ryan Gosling is deserving a Best Actor nom for this Tarantino-style art-house action flick, and Albert Brooks is excellent in his role.
  • The Cave of Forgotten Dreams – A must-see documentary if you have a 3D HDTV. Director Werner Herzog got so snubbed!
  • Hanna – A story of a 16 year old assassin, Kill Bill fans should enjoy this movie.
  • The Interrupters – A documentary about stopping gang violence by having them talk to each other instead of pulling guns on each other – what an novel idea!
  • Shame – Michael Fassbender was critically acclaimed for his acting, but they say the snub was due to the movie’s NC-17 parental rating.

Here’s today’s onomeister’s OMG DEAL OF THE DAY:

Yes, now you can have your own Super Mario cap! And a great value! At $4.75 USD that’s including shipping, you can’t get any cheaper than this.

Yes, yes, it’s from an Ebay Seller based in Hong Kong, but based on the Seller’s satisfaction rating of 99.9%, you can be confident that you will not have any issues. Remember to use Paypal, because if you do have ANY trouble, you can file a dispute and Paypal will promptly get your money back!

I’ll let you know on this blog post with a quick review once I get mine in the mail…

(Now all I need is a fake moustache, and I’m set for next Halloween!)

UPDATE (03/01/2012  11pm EST): Replaced previously posted item with a more favourable item.

Ok, so you don’t watch the Oscars every year… You’re more of the “mainstream” movie-goer… You don’t care for those critically acclaimed movies much… But remember this, some of the movies on the list of nominees may actually be a REALLY GOOD MOVIE that you may be missing out on!

Here’s onomeister’s list of can’t-miss Oscar-nominated gems of 2012:

  • Hugo – Really? Martin Scorcese directing a family film? Nevermind, it’s the best family film of 2012, and garnered 11 total noms!
  • War Horse – Steven Spielberg’s sentimental film gets a nom for Best Picture, and John Williams (a la Star Wars theme) gets two noms for Best Original Score, one for this and one for Adventures of Tintin
  • Midnight In Paris – A Woody Allen film? starring Owen Wilson? Why? Because it’s about time-travel!! And it’s a rom-com for the ladies!
  • The Descendants – Really? George Clooney acting as a dysfunctional dad? Nevermind, he got nominated for Best Actor for one of his best performances of his career.
  • The Help – With 4 noms (Best Picture, Actress, 2 for Supporting Actress) and Emma Stone it it? Gotta see it.
  • Warrior – Nick Nolte gets a nom for Best Supporting in this MMA themed flick. Apparently the ending is unforgettable!
  • The Artist – A black & white silent movie nominated for Best Picture? Total of 10 noms?  Have they gone mad?
  • The Tree of Life – A coming-of-age story tackles every difficult question about God (Best Picture nom)
  • Beginners – Christopher Plummer got a nom for Best Supporting in this movie, but Ewan McGregor was also acclaimed for his acting.
  • Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy – Nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, it is an intelligent spy movie not for the younger thrill-seeker crowd.
  • A Separation – This Iranian film has won countless Film Festival awards worldwide, and is the favourite to win Best Foreign Language Film.

Honourable mentions that weren’t nominated (aka “Snubs by Snobs“): Super 8 (Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams deliver a fun popcorn / sci-fi movie), The Cave of Forgotten Dreams (a must-see documentary if you have a 3D HDTV), Hanna (a story of a 16 year old assassin), The Interrupters (a documentary about stopping gang violence by having them talk to each other)

Any of these intrigue you? Check them out at Amazon by clicking the movie name.

Interesting editorial article that catches you up on Nintendo from its rise and fall to its potential future (HD-capable Wii U)… I’d like to see how things have changed for Nintendo and read this article again in two years time… (2014, that is)

Excerpt from article (ThatVideoGameBlog):

“There was once a time where Nintendo was the be all and end all of video gaming. With legions of fans and a seemingly never ending stream of exclusive characters under its belt that the company could unleash at any time to rack up phenomenal sales, it toppled the opposition. Back in the day of the N64, as gaming moved into the world of 3D, Nintendo were heralded with the fact that some of its most beloved mascots had made the leap extremely successfully, Mario and Zelda earning consecutive ‘Best Games Ever’ titles in the process.

Yet, something happened that would shape Nintendo’s fortunes for the worse in the upcoming years…”

Click on link to read the rest, especially about the potential about the new Wii U.


You know what, you might label me a Nintendo fanboy, but I’d like to see the Wii U kick some Xbox360-PS3 ass…

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