December 2012

Flickr has many colourful photos. Sometimes truly breath-taking, like this one of autumn in Tokyo, Japan. magicflute002, thank you for this amazing shot. Luv it +++!


photo credit: magicflute002 (unshopped!)

(by the way, did you see the man in the photo???)


Walking-Dead-Telltale-GamesZombie fans! Casual gamers! Do you have an iPhone or iPad, or Xbox Live? For a limited time only, the award-winning and critically-acclaimed “Walking Dead – The Game” by Telltale Games, based on the smash hit TV series is FREE! (Episode 1 only) Download it now before it’s too late!! (works best on iPad2 or better)

Walking-Dead-Telltale-Games-2IGN explains the uniqueness of the  gameplay:

“As you play through [the episode], the big moments come when you choose how Lee [the protagonist]  responds to situations and what he says in conversations with his fellow survivors. Choices and dialogue pop up on screen with timers, and you have seconds to pick exactly what you’re going to do or say. Whereas previous adventure games from developer Telltale Games would let you run through every possible line of dialogue, that isn’t the case here. In The Walking Dead, you choose, and the game moves on – adapting its story to each decision.”

In the end, IGN gives it a 9.3/10.

“The Walking Dead: The Game is something special. By giving players the option to craft relationships and make choices that fill out the story, The Walking Dead wraps you up in its events and makes you care in a way few video games can.”

Click here for App Store (iOS) or go here:

Flickr has many cute animal photos. Many are good, a few stand out more than others. This one by riverwanderer of a squirrel with a nut in his mouth would be hard to duplicate in the wild. And he looks shocked, with a look that says “How dare you take a photo of me!”


photo credit: riverwanderer (unshopped!)

Flickr is awesome!! So many fantastic photographers from all over the world sharing their work for us to admire! 10 years ago you couldn’t do this – you’d have to buy photobooks for $30-$50. albertlaw took this one of Nagasaki, Japan. Hard to believe this place was hit by an atomic bomb 67 years ago…


photo credit: albertlaw (unshopped!)

Flickr has some breathtaking photos.  John Barbs has perfected the skill of waterproof photography! Sometimes you’d wish that there’s a DVD special feature on the “Behind the Scenes” because you really wonder how he did that… Go check out more of his wonderful wave shots:


photo credit: John Barbs (unshopped!)

mega-man-street-fighter-crossover-2Yes, free! Yes, Mega Man! Yes, retro-style 8-bit gaming! Yes, crossover mash-up! Street Fighter x Mega Man is a retro-style game that stars Mega Man against 8 different Street Fighter characters! OMG DROOL! Releasing today 12/17/2012 – Download now! or go here:

This year was Street Fighter’s 25th anniversary, next year is Mega Man’s 25th anniversary. And something nice had to be done. The game’s development was spearheaded by Capcom super-fan Seow “Sonic” Zong Hui. Capcom was so impressed by him that they decided to publish it (but for free)!

Story Credit:


Flickr has some beauuuuutiful photos. This one of bamboos from Kyoto, Japan, by albertlaw, reminds me of the movie House of Flying Daggers (which is an amazing martial arts flick, by the way – see the trailer further below). Who else has seen this movie?


photo credit: albertlaw (unshopped!)

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