January 2013

Legend-Zelda-digitalAre you a Nintendo fan like me? Do you like anything Nintendo-character related? Mario? Kirby? Zelda? Link? Then take a look at this really well-made video of a paper Link walking through some iMac’s, Macbooks, iPads and an iPad Touch. This must have taken a huge amount of time and coordination/planning.

credit: Final Cut King

By the way, there’s a cool “Behind the Scenes” video of how they made this below.

Did you know Flickr is truly awesome? Where else on the interwebs can you enjoy high quality photos like this?? This amazing photo of a Japanese lace leaf maple tree was taken by Chodie89 in Portland, Oregon, USA. This could be the most beautiful tree on earth!! Love the original title of the photo: “Ridiculously Photogenic Tree”. Thanks for sharing! (To best enjoy this photo, use your PC to see in its full HD glory!)


Click to enlarge!

photo credit: Chodie89 (unshopped!)


These are the leaves close up

sunset-silkscreenAnyone else thinks Flickr is awesome?? There are so many wonderful photos, so little time to go through them all. Take a look at this one by champbass2. First thing that I thought of was the Karate Kid movie, where Daniel-san’s karate uniform had that special logo on the back given as a gift from Mr. Miyagi (except it was a bonsai tree, not birds). Second thing I thought was that this would be a great silk-screen painting (see smaller photo)! Could someone paint this for me??  Thanks for sharing champbass2!!


photo credit: champbass2 (cropped)

meme-donate-bloodTwo words: GIVE BLOOD… You know the story, but remember, this heart-warming, heart-breaking story can happen to you or your family. Read this blog story by my friend at Zen and Genki.

Say you’d never seek to lose me,
While you live we cannot part,
I must dwell lifelong inside you,
Locked within your beating heart.

Click here to find a nearby clinic in Canada: http://www.blood.ca/centreapps/clinics/InetClinics.nsf/CVSE?OpenForm&CloseMenu

And here for nearby U.S. clinics/blood drives: http://www.redcrossblood.org/make-donation


nintendo-historyDid you grow up playing Nintendo games? NES, SNES, Gameboy, Nintendo 64, Gamecube… Nostalgic memories of my childhood and now my children get to experience what I did, as I’ve kept all my old systems for them to enjoy (did you? do they still work?). This video posted by retrogameaddict1 is really well made! If you’re a Nintendo fan, you’ll enjoy this creation by a computer graphics designer about Nintendo’s history of the consoles and handhelds.  You can see the creator Anthony Veloso is a Nintendo fan like me. By the way, try your hand at guessing all the games between 1:54 and 2:00.

Flickr is awesome! I love beautiful photos that stand out from regular shots, like this heavenly photo from Cape Town, South Africa. Thank you WelshPixie for sharing this with us! I only wish I could ever take such a spectacular photo!


photo credit: WelshPixie (unshopped!)

Why is Flickr so awesome?? Sometimes you find photos of nature that you can’t believe exists in the real world, like this one shot by christian&alicia. Is this a coral, or flower, or pollen? Actually, it’s a vegetable called a Romanesco broccoli, which originated in Italy. The number of spirals on the head of a Romanesco broccoli is a Fibonacci number. If you watched the TV show Numb3rs (or if you’re a mathematics major), you may have heard of the Fibonacci number.


photo credit: christian&alicia (unshopped!)


Zoomed in and enhanced

super-mario-beads-2I grew up playing Nintendo games. NES, SNES, Nintendo 64… I have fond memories of my childhood whenever I see anything Nintendo-related. This video by lefvandebilder brings that warm nostalgia feeling. And you can see the creators are Nintendo fans like me. So much hard work in order to make this original animation. You guys are terrific!


By the way, the “Behind the Scenes” video below is almost as fun to watch – especially when they get to the time-lapsed portion of production. Definitely worth seeing!

In 2012, photographers were posting 1.8 million photos PER DAY on Flickr! That’s 28 photos per second! Are you one of them? Here’s hoping 2013 will get you that elusive beautiful shot (or 2). To all my blog fans, WordPress bloggers, and photographers, I wish you a productive 2013! Here’s a creative shot by Edd Sowden, thank you for starting 2013 with this cute photo!


Click to enlarge

photo credit: Edd Sowden (unshopped!)