Ok, so recently (on July 4, 2012), scientists have discovered the existence of the “God particle”, aka Higgs boson. “So what”, you say?

Did you know that when scientists discovered the existence of electrons in 1897 that people were saying “So what?” No one could imagine back in 1897 how that discovery would change humanity and life for human beings.

They are saying that the discovery of the Higgs boson and its future possible applications is as huge as was the discovery of the electron and its future applications to electricity, which in turn led to our daily electronic conveniences that we now take for granted.

They say actual “spinoff” innovations using the Higgs boson will be huge. For example, light speed travel is one already speculated. Unlocking the mysteries of dark matter and origins of the universe is another.

But just like the electron, it may take at least a few decades for scientists, inventors and innovators to take advantage of the particle.

I suddenly want to live another 100 years…

‘shopped original photo by CERN institute

So here’s one of those great-waste-of-police-time-and-taxpayers-money stories.

A sixth grader from Osaka, Japan is in protective custody after accessing an online game site with another child’s password.

The 11 year-old girl is accused of violating Japan’s Unauthorized Computer Access Law after figuring out the name, birthday, and password of a 12 year-old middle school girl for a free-to-play online game Ameba Pigg.

The little girl explained, “I was jealous of the in-game items the middle school girl had.”

Couldn’t this be handled with a quick warning to the parents? Or are the Japanese police so bored now that they are targeting grade schoolers (as the crime rate in Japan is so low)?


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If you follow my blog, you would know that I cover a wide range of topics. One of them is video games, and news about video games.  This one is onomeister’s Dumbass of the Day in the news: 18 year old teens get caught stealing Pokemon cards from Wal-mart. Why would you risk a permanent police record for video game cards??? *facepalm*

David Danforth, 19, and James Davis and Sean Nadeau, both 18, from Taunton, Massachusetts, face shoplifting and conspiracy charges from a May 11, 2012 incident at a Walmart store. Store personnel told police they spotted three men who grabbed packs of cards and walked out of the store. Police later searched a vehicle belonging to one of the suspects and allegedly found a large stash of collectible cards worth $442.

credit: kotaku.com

Meet Ronald Wayne, a gambling man who is reminded every year on this day of what seems like a cruel April Fools joke, of how he could have been a billionaire if he had chosen to stick it out with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

Ronald Wayne, who has never owned an Apple product, recently purchased a Dell computer.  

According to Wayne, Jobs asked for his help in drafting documents, creating the company’s first logo and an operating manual. For his contribution, Wayne was awarded a 10 percent stake in the company. And so, on April 1st, 1976, he became a founding member of Apple Inc.

Why did he leave? He was thousands of dollars in debt for a failing slot-machine manufacturing company, and was concerned history would repeat. “When you’re at a focal point of history, you don’t realize you’re at a focal point of history,” he said.

What is he doing now? “I’m living off my Social Security and I do a modest trade in collectors’ stamps and coins,” he said.

(story credit: CNN Tech)

A tragic story from Augusta, Georgia, where a 12-year old shot and killed a 10-year old. The investigators say that before the shooting occurred, the kids were playing Call of Duty: Black Ops (a game that is rated M for intense violence and meant for 17+ year olds).

The 10-year old boy and another 8-year old boy were playing the game, while the 12-year old boy was waving around his parents’ semi-automatic handgun when it went off.

Child psychiatrist, Dr. Dale Peeples says there are many factors that affect violent behavior in children: their family situation, their peer group dynamic and  if they have witnessed violence in the past.

Do you think playing a excessively violent game like Call of Duty could be a factor that motivates a kid to search for their parents’ handgun and start playing around with it? Obviously, the parents have some responsibility in this tragedy. Was their mistake letting their kids play this game, or leaving the gun lying around the house, or both?