What a great use of colours in this backlit shot of a Japanese Maple (by Redroom Studios, taken in Niagara Falls, Canada)!  Did you know the first known Japanese maple to arrive in North America was in 1862, and was planted in Long Island, NY.

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photo credit: Redroom Studios (‘shopped saturation)

What an amazing action shot of a bald eagle hunting for a fish meal! Did you know that many eagles lay two eggs, but the older, larger chick frequently kills its younger sibling once it has hatched…

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Photo credit: CoolBreeze821 (cropped, ‘shopped saturation, contrast/brightness)

This is the amazingly beautiful fuchsia flower! What a colourful photo! Did you know that this flower was originally named after a German botanist Leonard Fuchs, whose name is pronounced ‘Fooks’. So we actually should be pronouncing fuchsia as ‘fooksia’, not “few-sha”.

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photo credit: Bonnie Dudley (no editing)

Did you know Flickr is truly awesome? Where else on the interwebs can you enjoy high quality photos like this?? This amazing photo of a Japanese lace leaf maple tree was taken by Chodie89 in Portland, Oregon, USA. This could be the most beautiful tree on earth!! Love the original title of the photo: “Ridiculously Photogenic Tree”. Thanks for sharing! (To best enjoy this photo, use your PC to see in its full HD glory!)


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photo credit: Chodie89 (unshopped!)


These are the leaves close up

sunset-silkscreenAnyone else thinks Flickr is awesome?? There are so many wonderful photos, so little time to go through them all. Take a look at this one by champbass2. First thing that I thought of was the Karate Kid movie, where Daniel-san’s karate uniform had that special logo on the back given as a gift from Mr. Miyagi (except it was a bonsai tree, not birds). Second thing I thought was that this would be a great silk-screen painting (see smaller photo)! Could someone paint this for me??  Thanks for sharing champbass2!!


photo credit: champbass2 (cropped)

Flickr has many cute animal photos. Many are good, a few stand out more than others. This one by riverwanderer of a squirrel with a nut in his mouth would be hard to duplicate in the wild. And he looks shocked, with a look that says “How dare you take a photo of me!”


photo credit: riverwanderer (unshopped!)