Have I ever told you that Flickr is a geek’s paradise? Once in a while, you’ll see a photo on Flickr that represent the nerd in me. Like this one of some creative Lego by kwi-chang – I would buy this!! This reminds me of the gripping and highly-acclaimed Evangelion anime, and more recently Linebarrels (Click on the links to watch these anime right now). You know, in order to create this, one would have to be a Lego-maniac and have quite a big collection of bricks already. I wish I had his creativity. Remember, it’s best to see this photo on your PC or iPad, instead of your tiny smartphone!


photo credit: kwi-chang


photo credit: kwi-chang (‘shopped using Contour Drawing effect)

Awww so cute! I love awesome and cute cosplay like this… If you know video games, then you know this is Cloud Strife (baby version) from Final Fantasy VII. This photo was snapped by Jeriska at the Anime Expo 2012 in Los Angeles.

By the way, have you already seen my awesome cosplay photos that I posted earlier this year from the 2012 Calgary comicon? If you haven’t, I put them up in my blog here. I’m the Super Mario!

See more of Jeriaska’s cosplay photos here: Anime Expo 2012 [Flickr]

credit: kotaku.com for the link

This Japanese movie is a treat for the whole family, good for adults as well as kids. I myself have watched it three times now, and it’s a classic! Disney hired some famous actors to voice the characters too! Amy Poehler, Carol Burnett and Will Arnett were great (although I personally prefer subtitles).

Arrietty is a miniature girl whose family lives behind the walls and baseboards of a human’s home. They tend to ‘borrow’ things that would usually go unnoticed; a cube of sugar here, a paperclip or clothes pin there. The story grabs your attention immediately, and the wonderful character interactions will keep you entertained from start to end. This Hayao Miyazaki movie is a great addition to any family’s movie collection!

Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli has created many masterpieces over the many years, and if this film has grabbed your attention, make sure to hunt down other classics that are made by them. I highly recommend: Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Castle in the Sky, Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away, and Princess Mononoke.

If you are always looking for family-friendly movies that also entertain adults, you gotta see this one!

April 27-29, 2012, the annual comicon this year in Calgary was a huge draw, so much so that they blew past capacity on Saturday, and many people were turned away. The overwhelming volume of fans was mainly due to the presence of the original cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation, all nine of the original cast who had a reunion for the first time since the show went off the air 25 years ago.

Yours truly, onomeister, had decided this was a year not to be missed; and was I right!! With my trusty DSLR in hand, and dressed as Super Mario, I was able to snap up some incredible photos!

Blogged earlier about the Star Trek reunion here.

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