So love this! Anyone know if this can be considered a fractal pattern? Or just a kaleidoscope pattern? Very cool photo-editing nonetheless by Michel Mastriani!


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photo credit: Michel Mastriani  (no editing)

meme-donate-bloodTwo words: GIVE BLOOD… You know the story, but remember, this heart-warming, heart-breaking story can happen to you or your family. Read this blog story by my friend at Zen and Genki.

Say you’d never seek to lose me,
While you live we cannot part,
I must dwell lifelong inside you,
Locked within your beating heart.

Click here to find a nearby clinic in Canada: http://www.blood.ca/centreapps/clinics/InetClinics.nsf/CVSE?OpenForm&CloseMenu

And here for nearby U.S. clinics/blood drives: http://www.redcrossblood.org/make-donation


Welcome to the new Blog for onomeister, where I’ll be talking about all things in onomeister-land, my interests, hobbies, family, whatever’s on my mind, and interesting links/posts that I’d like to share.

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