nintendo-historyDid you grow up playing Nintendo games? NES, SNES, Gameboy, Nintendo 64, Gamecube… Nostalgic memories of my childhood and now my children get to experience what I did, as I’ve kept all my old systems for them to enjoy (did you? do they still work?). This video posted by retrogameaddict1 is really well made! If you’re a Nintendo fan, you’ll enjoy this creation by a computer graphics designer about Nintendo’s history of the consoles and handhelds.  You can see the creator Anthony Veloso is a Nintendo fan like me. By the way, try your hand at guessing all the games between 1:54 and 2:00.

Wii_ps3_xbox_360With the recent release of Nintendo’s next generation Wii U system, it’s interesting to see how we all got here, and how Microsoft and Sony were just a handshake away from thwarting Nintendo all the way back in 2001!

I’m a video game fan, who enjoys all games, whether it’s on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo, PC or iOS games. So, reading this interesting article by surprised me when I found out the Wii boom could have never happened! And if the Wii craze had never happened, then maybe Nintendo would have went the way of Sega, and not even be here today!

So the story (worth reading all three pages) goes that an inventor named Tom Quinn got a worldwide patent on gyrometer-based motion control technology (the heart of the Wii remotes). And in 2001, he decided to pitch his idea to Microsoft, who rudely turned him down:

The attitude I got from them was that if they wanted to do motion control, they would do it themselves and make a better job of it. I mean, they were just rude. In fact, the meeting went so terribly that one of the executives came over to me afterwards and apologised on behalf of others…

Wii-remoteNext he went to Sony and pitched again. Ken Kutaragi (the father of the Playstation), also turned him down, after inquiring Quinn if his tech can be produced for 50 cents per unit. He told him obviously no.

So finally, Quinn went to Nintendo, and for a moment, he thought that he was going to be shut out again. But after a heated debate, Nintendo jumped in, and the rest is history.

Two missed opportunities that would have effectively blocked Nintendo from making the Wii, which later in 2006 would start an unprecedented global craze!

Those idiots must be shaking their heads…

— Wanna read another article that I wrote about another pivotal moment in computer history? Read about the man who started Apple Inc with Steve Jobs, then sells his 10% shares for $800 (Would now be worth $22 billion!)

Yes, MMORPG fans!!!  Since September 2011, there had been no news about Square Enix’s exciting Dragon Quest X (10) for the Nintendo Wii (yes, it’s an exclusive – ie. it’s not coming out on other consoles!). It will finally hit Japan on August 2, 2012, meaning North America will most likely get the unconfirmed English version soon afterward (hopefully sooner than later).

I’m excited for this game, as I grew up playing several of these in the series (Dragon Warrior on NES, Dragon Quest 4 on Super Famicom, Dragon Quest 8 on PS2, and Dragon Quest 9 on DS).

Now, for the first time in the series, they’ve decided to go with online MMORPG. Like the 11th and 14th  Final Fantasy series,  there will be online only with a monthly subscription fee. But they have announced that there will be a “kids time” where users can play for free.

If you’re worried if the timing is a little late as the Wii is in its twilight hours, Square Enix is going to also release a Wii U version (*the Wii U is coming out at the end of 2012), meaning the online servers will continue for quite a while.

Any MMORPG fans out there? or Dragon Quest fans? Are you excited for Nintendo Wii’s very first MMORPG??


Did you know the character designs are by Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragonball?

Yes, if you haven’t bought this yet, NOW is the time!! EB Games (Canada) has NHL Slapshot bundle for CAD$4.99 (new).  I wanted to buy this immediately when it came out, as you can use the Wii Remote like a hockey stick to play the game.

When this game had first come out, it was CAD$69.99! The game is not that bad, as IGN gives it 8.0/10, Gamespot also 8.0/10 and 1UP gives it a ‘B’ grade.

Some tidbits from the above websites:

  • “Sharp controls and an ingenious hockey-stick peripheral make NHL Slapshot a great arcade hockey game.” – Gamespot
  • “EA has succeeded in making a fun party game that’s easy for players of all ages to pick up and enjoy thanks to its superior controls and fast pace… For kids and parents looking for a good hockey game, NHL Slapshot is the game of choice on Wii.” – 1UP
  • “The stick actually works and makes it a fun experience. Flick the stick forward with the puck and you’ll wrist shot it. Pull back before flicking and you’ll slapshot. And while skating near a player, giving the stick a horizontal shove will perform a check move that’ll, with the right timing, send the player to the ice.” – IGN

This game at this price is a must buy for deal-hunters, families with kids, party-gamers and arcade hockey fans; not so much for hockey fans that want realistic HD simulation hockey.

Gamestop / Ebgames of Canada is currently selling “Metroid Other M” for the Nintendo Wii for only $9.99 CAD (new), and $4.99 for a used copy. This is a AAA title, developed by Team Ninja, the studio that brought you the Dead or Alive fighting games and Ninja Gaiden series, and is a must-buy if you have a Nintendo Wii.

IGN reviewed this game with a score of 8.5 out of 10, calling it “a hybrid of a retro remake and a contemporary sequel: classic and familiar gameplay elements repurposed in a current generation experience.” Read the entire review here.