Do you like Mario? Or the original Super Mario Bros on NES? A fan of retro games? Then check out this cool video! I lol’ed at the special effects, and the ending is epic! Imagine being able to play this game! I’d buy it for sure!

I’m a sucker for anything Super Mario related, but this one takes the cake! Blumasters, you guys are my hero!

credit: Blumasters


Mario Tennis Open for the Nintendo 3DS came out May 20th, but have you seen the best feature of the game yet? You can play the original Super Mario Bros by hitting a tennis ball against a wall. Yes, sounds weird until you finally see it in the video below. It’s nostalgic! It’s strange! But it’s fun!

The ball acts like it’s Mario, breaking blocks, picking up power-ups, and smashing enemies. If you hit a mushroom and your tennis ball becomes “super” and gets the ability to break blocks. The Super Mario Tennis feature is one of four “special games” included in the game.

For the first time in the Mario Tennis series history, this version offers full online multiplayer – both singles and doubles. It also has local wireless multiplayer, and these features will gives the game continuous life, even if this simple packaged pick-up-and-play game is not deep in terms of gameplay.