Woah… This photo is just beautiful! Makes you want to visit this strange exotic land of Myanmar (aka Burma). Bagan, Myanmar is one of the main tourist hotspots. More than 10,000 Buddhist temples were built in Bagan between the 11th and 13th centuries. Many were damaged from earthquakes and erosion, but more than 2200 remain today. The balloon rides will cost you US$300 per person. But for the beautiful views & photo op, I would love to visit these ancient structures someday…


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Original photo credit: Oscar Tarneberg (darkened contrast/saturation)

Wow, this photo of icebergs looks like CG, but it really is a photo! Thanks to Kristinn R. for taking this and looks like he spends a lot of time photo-editing each of his amazing photo-work.


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I have told you that Flickr is photorific, haven’t I? Look at this stunning photo of a sunset and icicles by Ken Scott photography! I would love to take photos like this, but these kind of opportunities are not easy to find… Thank you Flickr for sharing!


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photo credit: Ken Scott photography (‘shopped color saturation, contrast/brightness)