nintendo-historyDid you grow up playing Nintendo games? NES, SNES, Gameboy, Nintendo 64, Gamecube… Nostalgic memories of my childhood and now my children get to experience what I did, as I’ve kept all my old systems for them to enjoy (did you? do they still work?). This video posted by retrogameaddict1 is really well made! If you’re a Nintendo fan, you’ll enjoy this creation by a computer graphics designer about Nintendo’s history of the consoles and handhelds.  You can see the creator Anthony Veloso is a Nintendo fan like me. By the way, try your hand at guessing all the games between 1:54 and 2:00.


super-mario-beads-2I grew up playing Nintendo games. NES, SNES, Nintendo 64… I have fond memories of my childhood whenever I see anything Nintendo-related. This video by lefvandebilder brings that warm nostalgia feeling. And you can see the creators are Nintendo fans like me. So much hard work in order to make this original animation. You guys are terrific!


By the way, the “Behind the Scenes” video below is almost as fun to watch – especially when they get to the time-lapsed portion of production. Definitely worth seeing!

Yes! Play a Legend of Zelda-like game? A game that you can play on any internet browser? Play at home! Play at work! Play without those stupid emulators! And it’s free? What’s the catch? NO CATCH!

The Flash-based game called Seedling is based on the SNES Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (a Nintendo game which has been rated as one of the best games of ALL TIME). Once you play this awesome action-adventure game, you won’t believe that it was created by one guy, 19-year-old Connor Ullmann, who wasn’t even born when A Link to the Past was released in 1992 (damn, I feel old…). Click here to start playing now!

Tell me what you think about the game in the Comments below after a quick play…

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