How important is your family? Sometimes, I forget how thankful I am for the family that I have. Thank you ~jessS~ for reminding me how lucky I am with just a simple photo silhouette shot.


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Photo credit: ~jessS~ (cropped & darkened contrast)

sunset-silkscreenAnyone else thinks Flickr is awesome?? There are so many wonderful photos, so little time to go through them all. Take a look at this one by champbass2. First thing that I thought of was the Karate Kid movie, where Daniel-san’s karate uniform had that special logo on the back given as a gift from Mr. Miyagi (except it was a bonsai tree, not birds). Second thing I thought was that this would be a great silk-screen painting (see smaller photo)! Could someone paint this for me??  Thanks for sharing champbass2!!


photo credit: champbass2 (cropped)