Many have said that Flickr is a wondrous website! People from all over the world share wonderful photos here. Like this wonderific shot of Shinjuku, Japan taken by hidesax. It reminds me of the many times that I missed the shuuden (last train) when I used to live in Japan (due to late night partying… lol), and I had to walk two hours to get home (saved me 12000 yen though – that’s $120). This photo reminds me of the movie Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift. (Important advice: Don’t miss the shuuden, and do see this photo on your PC or iPad, instead of your tiny smartphone!)


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photo credit: hidesax (‘shopped color saturation, contrast/brightness)

Flickr is awesome!! So many fantastic photographers from all over the world sharing their work for us to admire! 10 years ago you couldn’t do this – you’d have to buy photobooks for $30-$50. albertlaw took this one of Nagasaki, Japan. Hard to believe this place was hit by an atomic bomb 67 years ago…


photo credit: albertlaw (unshopped!)