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Finally!! I have been waiting for this game, LA Noire, a AAA title, to come down in price! Futureshop (Canada) has a Used Games Wednesdays sale, and for one day only on Wednesday March 21, 2012 at CDN$9.99 for a USED copy, I am definitely going to be picking this up! (currently being sold at CDN$20.89 for Xbox360, and CDN$29.83 for PS3) $10 is a great price for this fantastic game.

1UP gave it an ‘A’, Gamespot gave it a ‘9.0’.

This one’s definitely a “you snooze you lose” deal!

edit: 03/21/2012: Just got back from Futureshop with my copy; the CSR said the deal may possibly be on for another day, or it may not (Your Mileage May Vary).