So Canadian gamers, if you’ve somehow missed playing Uncharted 2, THIS is the time to get it as it is at a great low price, as well as Killzone 3, both games that are PS3 exclusives and highly rated. For a limited time at Real Canadian Superstore / Loblaws, they are going for CDN$9.97 each. I bought my copy yesterday.

1UP has rated Uncharted 2 with the highest grade of A+, while Gamespot gave it a 95%. Uncharted 2 is one of those games that your non-gamer girlfriend/wife may enjoy watching you play for the story/cinematics, as the script and storytelling was highly acclaimed. Please play this game till you get to the part where you will shoot at a bad guy grappling with one of your buddies while sliding down a collapsing floor – your jaw will drop! Even the multiplayer option is awesome. This game is one of the top 3 games on the PS3. GET IT NOW!

Killzone 3 has been rated 9.4/10 by Gametrailers, and 8.5 by IGN. It’s lauded for its gorgeous graphics and for its first-person experience. In every way, the developers have improved the game since Killzone 2. The combat is more intense and savage than other shooters. The game also incorporates the PS Move for motion control, and 3D effects if you have a 3DTV. Well worth $10.

See a video review of Uncharted 2 here, and Killzone 3 here (by GT).

credit: Owen Parsons @