Wow, this photo of icebergs looks like CG, but it really is a photo! Thanks to Kristinn R. for taking this and looks like he spends a lot of time photo-editing each of his amazing photo-work.


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I have told you that Flickr is photorific, haven’t I? Look at this stunning photo of a sunset and icicles by Ken Scott photography! I would love to take photos like this, but these kind of opportunities are not easy to find… Thank you Flickr for sharing!


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photo credit: Ken Scott photography (‘shopped color saturation, contrast/brightness)

Have I ever told you that Flickr is flickrific? Where else on the world-wide-webs can you see fantastic photos like this without paying extra money? This unique photo of an abandoned warehouse in Chicago was taken after a fire was put out and the water froze. Stunning! (Remember, it’s best to see this photo on your PC or iPad, instead of your tiny smartphone!)


photo credit: blurmaster (‘shopped color saturation, contrast/brightness)