Ok, so recently (on July 4, 2012), scientists have discovered the existence of the “God particle”, aka Higgs boson. “So what”, you say?

Did you know that when scientists discovered the existence of electrons in 1897 that people were saying “So what?” No one could imagine back in 1897 how that discovery would change humanity and life for human beings.

They are saying that the discovery of the Higgs boson and its future possible applications is as huge as was the discovery of the electron and its future applications to electricity, which in turn led to our daily electronic conveniences that we now take for granted.

They say actual “spinoff” innovations using the Higgs boson will be huge. For example, light speed travel is one already speculated. Unlocking the mysteries of dark matter and origins of the universe is another.

But just like the electron, it may take at least a few decades for scientists, inventors and innovators to take advantage of the particle.

I suddenly want to live another 100 years…

‘shopped original photo by CERN institute