Do you like Mario? Or the original Super Mario Bros on NES? A fan of retro games? Then check out this cool video! I lol’ed at the special effects, and the ending is epic! Imagine being able to play this game! I’d buy it for sure!

I’m a sucker for anything Super Mario related, but this one takes the cake! Blumasters, you guys are my hero!

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Wait till you see this amazing video! Four iPhones are rearranged over and over again like a puzzle, all to the tune of “We Are Young” by Fun. The choreography to make this video must have been a gargantuan ordeal. It took them a total of 238 takes to get the final arrangement correct (remember it’s all one continuous take). You guys are my hero! INGENIOUS!!

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This highly recommended and easy online contest by ESPN Sports has now been going on for three years. It’s super easy to enter, and there are great cash prizes. You don’t need to know anything about sports to enter.

It’s quite a lot to do with luck, but it’s fun to enter and you don’t have to be a sports fanatic to win (unlike those crazy fantasy sports pools). Just make an ESPN account (which is free and only takes about a minute), and try to log in at least once a day to get your game selected – there’s even a mobile app to make things even easier.

So how do you win? Just accumulate the longest winning streak by selecting the winning team (or player) in advance of an ongoing variety of matchups in many different sports (MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, Soccer, Tennis, NCAA, even Golf!).

Now, how hard is it? Well, last month (January 2012), the winner had a streak of 25 consecutive correct guesses. Wanna know yours truly, onomeister’s longest winning streak ever? 18, baby! I dare you to try to beat that!!

What’s the prize? An ongoing monthly grand prize of $50,000, meaning each month, the stats and all entries reset so you get a new chance to win every month! Also, there is a bonus carry-over that increases the grand prize dollar amount:

Bonus “Stash” Prize:

The Bonus will be Prize awarded to the month’s Monthly Prize winner *if* that entrant’s longest winning streak during their winning Monthly Challenge meets the Streak Threshold as designated in the game (currently a streak of 27). If the Monthly Prize winner’s streak does NOT reach the Streak Threshold, he/she will still win the Monthly Prize, but the month’s Bonus Prize will rollover to the next month. Bonus Prize winner may carry-over up to US $600,000.

So if you want a fun and easy (and LEGAL) way to earn $50,000, this would be my answer to you. Get STREAKING!

By the way, the game offers group creation, so you can compete against your friends! If you want join my group “Canadians R Us”, so we can trash talk each other, send me an email or Comment in this post.