skrillex-quest-2I grew up playing Nintendo games. NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Wii… Anything Nintendo-related gives me a warm fuzzy nostalgic feeling. This free game that you can play in any internet browser window does just that. And it’s actually quite well-made for a browser game, with its colorful seizure-inducing graphics. And it has a Skrillex soundtrack!

This simple game even has a story: A certain “golden NES cartridge” (I still have mine!) has gotten a piece of dust in it, and as a result the game within has become corrupted with glitches. You must take your sword and fight through a series of rooms in an effort to defeat the glitches inside the game.

The gameplay is simple yet fun, and I like how he incorporated the music. Hats off to the creator, Jason Oda, who also recently brought us the nostalgic but very short Perfect Strangers game (based on the opening song from the 80’s sitcom with Balki).

Click or go here to play Skrillex Quest:


Yes! Play a Legend of Zelda-like game? A game that you can play on any internet browser? Play at home! Play at work! Play without those stupid emulators! And it’s free? What’s the catch? NO CATCH!

The Flash-based game called Seedling is based on the SNES Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (a Nintendo game which has been rated as one of the best games of ALL TIME). Once you play this awesome action-adventure game, you won’t believe that it was created by one guy, 19-year-old Connor Ullmann, who wasn’t even born when A Link to the Past was released in 1992 (damn, I feel old…). Click here to start playing now!

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