“Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s a big feminine hug, Adam Lind. So hit more homers, maybe.” – Brett Lawrie, Toronto Blue Jays.

Adam Lind has had a rough 2012. He was demoted to the Minor Leagues in May after only hitting .186 at the time, even with six years experience in the big leagues. Also, he was put on waivers (a shock, as any team interested in him could have picked him up). But after a month of reworking his swing and strength conditioning, he’s back, and in his second game back, he hits two home runs! Welcome back, Adam Lind!

Toronto Blue Jays Brett Lawrie gives a hug to teammate Adam Lind who contributed two home runs in his team’s win over the Los Angeles Angels in their American League MLB baseball game in Toronto June 29, 2012.

Photo credit: REUTERS/Fred Thornhill