So why is everyone going bananas for Looper, starring Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Here are seven reasons:

  1. Yay! A time travel movie? I’m in!
  2. Bruce Willis sent back to be killed by his younger self (portrayed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt). Sounds cool!
  3. Wait, Gordon-Levitt is acting as a younger Willis? Yes, this movie is worth watching just to see how awesome Gordon-Levitt’s uncanny resemblance of Willis is. His like-mannerisms are freaky!!
  4. For a sci-fi action movie, Looper is beautiful to watch in terms of its cinematography.
  5. Try not to get carried away with debunking the time travel logic of the movie. Enjoy the film for what it is – entertainment.
  6. Actually it’s not about time travel; it’s about “longing, loneliness, and yearning for someone to love and be loved by”
  7. You will be moved, you will be talking about the movie afterwards, and you will want to watch it again.

Looper is rated R – not for kiddies.


Will Jason Statham’s “Safe” (out on April 27, 2012) be a good or bad action movie? I’m hoping that it’s a hit like Transporter, not a bomb like Chaos.

I have a love for well-made action movies with well-written storylines. For example, I love Jet Li’s Fearless, Statham’s Transporter and Damon’s Bourne trilogy. However, I disliked Stallone’s Expendables, Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock Holmes and Journey to the Center of the Earth. So let’s see what “Safe” has going for it:

  • The trailer captured my attention, that’s a good thing! (see below)
  • The producer, Lawrence Bender, was behind Kill Bill, Inglourious Basterds, and Pulp Fiction.
  • The story is about a second rate mixed martial arts fighter (Jason Statham) who protects a 10 year-old Chinese math prodigy who is being pursued by the Triads, Russian mafia and corrupt NYPD.
  • Watch the clip from the movie below (under the trailer) – it’s the obligatory car chase scene but done actually very well.

Obligatory car chase scene from “Safe”