Yes, that’s right. This summer of 2012 in Japan, Pepsi of Japan has released the strangely-named Salty Watermelon Pepsi. Blech! Really? Salt in my watermelon flavored Pepsi?

According to Brian Ashcraft of, “the taste is very, very dry. Watermelon flavors in soft drinks or candy is often overpowering, but not here. It’s fizzy, but [it] doesn’t coat your throat in sugary syrup, making for a clean finish. There are salty notes, which means Salty Watermelon lives up to its name, but it also gives the drink more of a grown-up taste.”

Back in 2007, Pepsi of Japan also released Ice Cucumber Pepsi, which was even worse according to westerner’s tastes. What’s next, Soy Sauce Pepsi?

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