After watching Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man and how terrible Spider-Man 3 was, I think there are many movie-goers that may pass on this revamped Amazing Spider-Man movie. On the other hand, the film may also be a huge hit just cuz it’s riding on the coattails of the Avengers’ success.

The advance screeners say that the mix of romance, comedy and drama is balanced well. Action fans will also enjoy the huge set pieces, especially the fight versus the Lizard.

The trailer (below) is of course OMG drool amazing. Entertainment Weekly gave the film an A- (Just for comparisons, they gave Green Lantern a C+).

Will you go and see the Amazing Spider-Man?

(Bonus: There is a reveal for the next sequel after the credits!  Also, did you know Harry Potter‘s Daniel Radcliffe was considered for the Peter Parker role? lol! So relieved that they didn’t go with him…)

This is the four-minute Super Preview extended trailer: