Vladimir Guerrero, a future Hall of Fame slugger, has been signed by Toronto Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos yesterday. If you know Vlad the Impaler, this is very exciting stuff for Jays fans!! This is his second stint in Canada, as he played for the Montreal Expos for seven seasons. He’s been an MVP, an All-Star, and his stats show he will eventually be in the Hall of Fame.  His career batting average is .318, which is unbelievable!! Just last year, even though he batted a very respectable .290, no one wanted him this spring, which I find very strange.

Anthopoulos cautioned there’s no guarantee the 37-year-old will join the major league team. Guerrero will be sent to the team’s extended spring training, where the Jays will assess his condition. If they like what they see, he’ll play in some minor league games before he’s added to the 25-man major league roster. Jays outfielder, Jose Bautista believes there’s no doubt that Guerrero will make the team.

Manager John Farrell says, “when a guy with his pedigree and his track record comes available and finally comes to an agreement with us, we’ll give that every opportunity to see what it can produce for us.”

The 2012 season is getting to be very interesting for the Jays!

2012 Jays have a record of 18-15 in the AL East at the time of this posting.

UPDATE (June 12, 2012): The Jays have parted ways with Guerrero, granting the slugger’s request to be released from his minor league contract. Guerrero gave an ultimatum that he either be promoted to the Major League or release him. The Jays did not think he was ready yet, so they honoured his request.

…well that was fast…

Guerrero in Tempe, Arizona vs Cubs, 2005