Yes, MMORPG fans!!!  Since September 2011, there had been no news about Square Enix’s exciting Dragon Quest X (10) for the Nintendo Wii (yes, it’s an exclusive – ie. it’s not coming out on other consoles!). It will finally hit Japan on August 2, 2012, meaning North America will most likely get the unconfirmed English version soon afterward (hopefully sooner than later).

I’m excited for this game, as I grew up playing several of these in the series (Dragon Warrior on NES, Dragon Quest 4 on Super Famicom, Dragon Quest 8 on PS2, and Dragon Quest 9 on DS).

Now, for the first time in the series, they’ve decided to go with online MMORPG. Like the 11th and 14th  Final Fantasy series,  there will be online only with a monthly subscription fee. But they have announced that there will be a “kids time” where users can play for free.

If you’re worried if the timing is a little late as the Wii is in its twilight hours, Square Enix is going to also release a Wii U version (*the Wii U is coming out at the end of 2012), meaning the online servers will continue for quite a while.

Any MMORPG fans out there? or Dragon Quest fans? Are you excited for Nintendo Wii’s very first MMORPG??


Did you know the character designs are by Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragonball?