OMG!! Wow!! Mom/Dad, stock up now for your kids’ next birthday/Xmas presents!! Toys R Us (Canada) has an insane 40% off sale on all Hasbro-made board games that are under CDN$32.99 !! I’m going to get me some savings right now!

There are too many to list (84 games), but the most popular ones that I noticed that are definitely worth getting: Scrabble Flash (reg.$30, now $18), Operation (reg.$20, now $12), Trivial Pursuit Bet You Know It (reg.$30, now $18), Battleship (reg.$21, now $12.57), Scattergories (reg.$30, now $20), Taboo Reinvention (reg.$33, now $20),  Trivial Pursuit – Disney For All (reg.$25, now $15), Connect 4 Launchers (reg.$25, now $15), Risk (reg.$25, now $15), Scribblish (makers of Cranium) (reg.$25, now $15), Cranium 2.0 (reg.$30, now $18), Twister (reg.$20, now $12), Pictureka (reg.$20, now $12), Pictionary (reg.$33, now $20), Hungry Hippos (reg.$20, now $12), Clue (reg.$20, now $12), Monopoly (original) (reg.$20, now $12), Perfection (reg.$20, now $12), Sorry ($20, now $12), Mouse Trap ($20, now $12), Game of Life ($25, now $15), Jenga ($20, now $12).

Hey parents!!! This sale ends April 26, 2012, you snooze you lose!! But I’m betting the most popular games will sell out first, so hurry! (and bring your Air Miles if you buy in-store – 1 mile/$25)

I love board games as it’s the only thing that brings my entire family together and enjoy some simple fun (though, New Super Mario Bros Wii and Mario Party also does this…).