Yes, if you haven’t bought this yet, NOW is the time!! EB Games (Canada) has NHL Slapshot bundle for CAD$4.99 (new).  I wanted to buy this immediately when it came out, as you can use the Wii Remote like a hockey stick to play the game.

When this game had first come out, it was CAD$69.99! The game is not that bad, as IGN gives it 8.0/10, Gamespot also 8.0/10 and 1UP gives it a ‘B’ grade.

Some tidbits from the above websites:

  • “Sharp controls and an ingenious hockey-stick peripheral make NHL Slapshot a great arcade hockey game.” – Gamespot
  • “EA has succeeded in making a fun party game that’s easy for players of all ages to pick up and enjoy thanks to its superior controls and fast pace… For kids and parents looking for a good hockey game, NHL Slapshot is the game of choice on Wii.” – 1UP
  • “The stick actually works and makes it a fun experience. Flick the stick forward with the puck and you’ll wrist shot it. Pull back before flicking and you’ll slapshot. And while skating near a player, giving the stick a horizontal shove will perform a check move that’ll, with the right timing, send the player to the ice.” – IGN

This game at this price is a must buy for deal-hunters, families with kids, party-gamers and arcade hockey fans; not so much for hockey fans that want realistic HD simulation hockey.