Read this awesome article about my favourite Canadian Major League baseball player Brett Lawrie, of the Toronto Blue Jays. There are high expectations on him, he’s electrifying to watch, and according to many, he’s electrifying the rest of the team.

Lawrie is a Canuck with pluck, a tenacious and vivacious source of energy and excitement. He’s enraptured a fan base, with the expectations placed upon him (he’s been compared to Pete Rose, George Brett and Ted Williams, to name but a few Hall of Famers) after his big league break-in so ridiculously high as to be unfair — though perhaps not undeserved. Quite quickly, Lawrie is trending toward that short list of guys you’d pay to watch…

Read the entire article here.

Watch his electrifying energy in this video clip of his 2011 walk-off game-ending home-run that beat the Boston Red Sox in the bottom of the 11th inning here.

Lawrie’s 2011 walk-off homer. ELECTRIFYING!