A tragic story from Augusta, Georgia, where a 12-year old shot and killed a 10-year old. The investigators say that before the shooting occurred, the kids were playing Call of Duty: Black Ops (a game that is rated M for intense violence and meant for 17+ year olds).

The 10-year old boy and another 8-year old boy were playing the game, while the 12-year old boy was waving around his parents’ semi-automatic handgun when it went off.

Child psychiatrist, Dr. Dale Peeples says there are many factors that affect violent behavior in children: their family situation, their peer group dynamic and  if they have witnessed violence in the past.

Do you think playing a excessively violent game like Call of Duty could be a factor that motivates a kid to search for their parents’ handgun and start playing around with it? Obviously, the parents have some responsibility in this tragedy. Was their mistake letting their kids play this game, or leaving the gun lying around the house, or both?