I am very tempted on this Deal of the Day!! CDN$99.99 for the Nintendo 3DS, for the portable system! First, you buy the 3DS at Walmart for CDN$119.00 (online/in-store), then, at Nintendo’s website, you print & mail in the receipt to get $20.00 back from Nintendo! (Print the Mail-In Rebate here).

Some say the Walmart price is a temporary sale (I went over to EB Games who’s still selling it at $169). Also, the $20 cash back is only good till April 16, 2012 (don’t lose the Walmart receipt!). So you snooze you lose!!

By the way, for $0.97 more if you order online at Walmart.ca, you can get it shipped to your home!!

So what do you think? Should you go and buy it?? Deal of the WEEK!

There are 4 colours at Walmart.ca - Blue, Black, Pink, Red

You know, when the 3DS first came out only 1 year ago in March 2011, the price was $250!!! Then the deep price cut came in July 2011 to $169, and now $119! That’s a 48% price drop in 12 months!!! (that kind of drop in that short of time may be a record for such a highly touted game system)

Why get it now: It’s OMG cheap!! You may have to wait another two years for the next 2nd-gen 3DS to drop this low in price. The 3D effects are amazing, and you don’t need to wear stupid glasses!

Why wait: The 2nd generation 3DS is just around the corner. Rumours say it’s going to include longer battery life (1st-gen is only THREE hours per charge!), and a built-in 2nd analog stick (the current add-on 2nd analog stick is fugly, and $20 extra, unless you buy the combo game pack).

edit: I had to get it, especially for only $100, read my review here.

edit#2: Sale is OVER! Price back up to $169. That was quick!! You snoozy you losey!