(This is Part 5 of 5 of a series of reviews of GDC nominated games. Click for Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4)

Are you into video games? Some gamers check out the annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) so they can see what latest games are coming out soon. But did you know the GDC hosts an awards show every year, to celebrate great games from the previous year? Why was Dark Souls nominated? Is it worth your hard-earned dollars? See below for onomeister’s can’t-miss reasons why this game was nominated for Game of the Year:

  • The back of the Dark Souls box says, “Prepare to die”. Well, you will die, you will die many many times in this hardcore and punishing RPG, that many critics say is one of the best RPGs out in the market right now. Be warned, this is not for the casual gamer.
  • Abundant, amazing bosses test your skill and determination.
  • Superbly-built combat system in which every attack feels powerful and precise, many gamers feel is the main reason the game is so addictive.
  • Although it doesn’t have AAA production values, the art design is exceptional, and environments are spooky and memorable.
  • “Dark Souls requires intense focus. This isn’t a lighthearted romp in a bright and colorful fantasy world; it’s a methodical journey into the frightening unknown. And that’s what makes it so riveting.” (Gamespot)