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Are you into video games? All gamers should check out the annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) so you can see what latest games are coming out soon. But did you know the GDC hosts an awards show every year, to celebrate great games from the previous year? Why was Deus Ex: Human Revolution nominated? Is it worth your hard-earned dollars? Here are onomeister’s can’t-miss reasons why this game was nominated for Game of the Year:

Deus Ex's beautiful art design - click above!

  • 11 years have passed since the original Deus Ex, but well worth the wait for this RPG first-person shooter action game from Eidos Montreal developers.
  • The art direction and production design is eye-poppingly beautiful. One reviewer called it a mesh of Blade Runner and Mirror’s Edge in certain parts.
  • A must-play for any fan of great sci-fi action stories.
  • Every objective allows you to complete it in multiple ways and this freedom you have is one of the game’s strong points.
  • New players to the franchise can jump right in without much worry of playing the previous games.
  • Replayability is a strength as even after your first playthrough of 25 to 40 hours, you’ll feel like you want to play through it multiple times.
  • PC Gamer: “The full story is vast and complex, crammed into every corner of Human Revolution’s world. Every apartment you break into, every secret room you find, every rooftop you clamber across has little scraps of personality and history to read and interpret. It’s a story-junky’s blissful overdose.”
  • This game is rated M for 17+

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