I saw a TV commercial for the movie “Battleship“. I thought “meh”. Then I saw online today this Official Trailer #3, and I now seriously want to see this movie! Has this happened to anyone else, where a new trailer changes your mind about a movie?

Take a look at this trailer, and tell me what you think. It’s HD, so go fullscreen!

From the director, Peter Berg, that brought you Hancock, The Kingdom, and Friday Night Lights, will this one be a hit? Well, they’ve casted Liam Neeson, who was awesome in Taken, and Rihanna (the singer!). They say it’s just another Independence Day, but hey, I actually liked Independence Day! Anyone else interested in this film?

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Update (05/26/2012): Read a review of Battleship here from a fellow blogger ESO: http://erthstationone.wordpress.com/2012/05/23/review-battleship-a-hit-or-a-miss/