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Are you into video games? All gamers should check out conferences such as the annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) so you can see what latest games are coming soon to a store near you. However, how do you know which games are good? So many games, not enough money or time! Well, did you know the GDC hosts an awards show every year, to celebrate great games from the previous year? Why was Portal 2 nominated? Is it worth your hard-earned dollars? Here are onomeister’s can’t-miss reasons why this game was nominated for Game of the Year:

Portal 2 has awesome graphics - click above

  • Whaat? You haven’t played Portal 1?? No problem, you can jump right into Portal 2 without any trouble. For 1200 Xbox pts though, you can find out why they say the first Portal was one of the best games of 2007.
  • The storyline is often laugh-out-loud hilarious and the character development over the course of the game is amazing to watch with immensely lovable characters and an apparently unforgettable “majestic” conclusion worth experiencing.
  • This game has puzzle and adventure elements and witty dialogue that will be a hit with casual and hardcore gamers.
  • A co-op mode included that is well thought out, offering crossplatform play between PC and PS3.
  • Arguably one of the best games EVER made according to some critics.
  • Rated 10+, a definite buy to play alongside with your kids.
  • The co-op is “where Portal 2 shows a genius for physical comedy by constantly putting each player’s life in the hands of the other, juggling responsibility between the team and letting someone drop the ball… When you get it right, there’s a sense of a shared achievement; when you get it wrong, it can be laugh-out-loud funny.” (Edge Magazine)

...to be continued with Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Click here.

Portal 2 cosplay at 2011 AX - AWESOME!!