Attention all Canadians & hockey fans, has onomeister found you an OMG deal today!!! If you’re even the slightest hockey fan, then you need to get this! This 5-disc Hockey Gold 2010 blu-ray set is selling for $60 elsewhere. At HMV, you can get it for $3.00 CAD. Unbelievable, right? You just sign up for a pureHMV membership for three bucks and you get the set for free! Also, if you register your card on, then you get 20,000 points, which you can use for your next purchase. This would equal to $3.00 off anything you buy next. Thus, you’re basically getting the set for free! OMG Deal of the MONTH!

As we all know, Canada won Olympic Gold in Vancouver 2010. “For a nation that has deep roots and an extreme passion for hockey, there could perhaps be no greater moment than to win Olympic gold at home – twice, in the span of a few days. This set documents the 2010 story of Canada’s men and women’s players who are Team Canada’s reigning Olympic gold medal champions in hockey.”

I remember getting teary-eyed when I watched that final game and the shootout”… This is a must-get!

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