Here’s today’s onomeister’s OMG DEAL OF THE DAY:

Yes, now you can have your own Super Mario cap! And a great value! At $4.75 USD that’s including shipping, you can’t get any cheaper than this.

Yes, yes, it’s from an Ebay Seller based in Hong Kong, but based on the Seller’s satisfaction rating of 99.9%, you can be confident that you will not have any issues. Remember to use Paypal, because if you do have ANY trouble, you can file a dispute and Paypal will promptly get your money back!

I’ll let you know on this blog post with a quick review once I get mine in the mail…

(Now all I need is a fake moustache, and I’m set for next Halloween!)

UPDATE (03/01/2012  11pm EST): Replaced previously posted item with a more favourable item.