Ok, so you don’t watch the Oscars every year… You’re more of the “mainstream” movie-goer… You don’t care for those critically acclaimed movies much… But remember this, some of the movies on the list of nominees may actually be a REALLY GOOD MOVIE that you may be missing out on!

Here’s onomeister’s list of can’t-miss Oscar-nominated gems of 2012:

  • Hugo – Really? Martin Scorcese directing a family film? Nevermind, it’s the best family film of 2012, and garnered 11 total noms!
  • War Horse – Steven Spielberg’s sentimental film gets a nom for Best Picture, and John Williams (a la Star Wars theme) gets two noms for Best Original Score, one for this and one for Adventures of Tintin
  • Midnight In Paris – A Woody Allen film? starring Owen Wilson? Why? Because it’s about time-travel!! And it’s a rom-com for the ladies!
  • The Descendants – Really? George Clooney acting as a dysfunctional dad? Nevermind, he got nominated for Best Actor for one of his best performances of his career.
  • The Help – With 4 noms (Best Picture, Actress, 2 for Supporting Actress) and Emma Stone it it? Gotta see it.
  • Warrior – Nick Nolte gets a nom for Best Supporting in this MMA themed flick. Apparently the ending is unforgettable!
  • The Artist – A black & white silent movie nominated for Best Picture? Total of 10 noms?  Have they gone mad?
  • The Tree of Life – A coming-of-age story tackles every difficult question about God (Best Picture nom)
  • Beginners – Christopher Plummer got a nom for Best Supporting in this movie, but Ewan McGregor was also acclaimed for his acting.
  • Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy – Nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, it is an intelligent spy movie not for the younger thrill-seeker crowd.
  • A Separation – This Iranian film has won countless Film Festival awards worldwide, and is the favourite to win Best Foreign Language Film.

Honourable mentions that weren’t nominated (aka “Snubs by Snobs“): Super 8 (Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams deliver a fun popcorn / sci-fi movie), The Cave of Forgotten Dreams (a must-see documentary if you have a 3D HDTV), Hanna (a story of a 16 year old assassin), The Interrupters (a documentary about stopping gang violence by having them talk to each other)

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