Interesting editorial article that catches you up on Nintendo from its rise and fall to its potential future (HD-capable Wii U)… I’d like to see how things have changed for Nintendo and read this article again in two years time… (2014, that is)

Excerpt from article (ThatVideoGameBlog):

“There was once a time where Nintendo was the be all and end all of video gaming. With legions of fans and a seemingly never ending stream of exclusive characters under its belt that the company could unleash at any time to rack up phenomenal sales, it toppled the opposition. Back in the day of the N64, as gaming moved into the world of 3D, Nintendo were heralded with the fact that some of its most beloved mascots had made the leap extremely successfully, Mario and Zelda earning consecutive ‘Best Games Ever’ titles in the process.

Yet, something happened that would shape Nintendo’s fortunes for the worse in the upcoming years…”

Click on link to read the rest, especially about the potential about the new Wii U.

You know what, you might label me a Nintendo fanboy, but I’d like to see the Wii U kick some Xbox360-PS3 ass…